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Christmas in July!

I know that every day is a gift but today was like CHRISTMAS  in  JULY!   Our family got 4 hours with our missionary today and it was awesome! Justin suddenly lost most of the hearing in right ear and was fitted with a hearing aid about 6 weeks before he entered the MTC. That’s […]

Thanks for the photos Sister Frost!

Special thanks to Jennifer Frost for sending these photos- It was a neat treat to have just show up on my phone one day!


Hey everyone! In the past 3 weeks, I have figured out that there is a really warped sense of time here in the MTC. Time literally doesnt make sense. It feels like I did something yesterday, but it was a week ago. Then I feel like I did something sooo long ago, and it was […]

Look outside yourself

Everything is going great! The MTC is amazing, the Spirit is incredible here, everyone is just so dedicated and willing to serve. It´s weird, they have a ton of rules here but they don´t really enforce any of them. Most everything is based on the honor code. Most everybody follows all the rules but occasionaly […]

First P-day in the MTC

Hey everyone! These past few days have been just absolutely crazy! So, I’ll start from Wednesday. So I get all my stuff unpacked and in my room and the host takes me to the classroom where I meet a couple of people in my district, but my companion wasn’t there yet. And then my teacher […]


Justin wanted one last juicy (cow) burger so we had lunch at Five Guy’s Burger’s and Fries. Before heading to the Provo Temple grounds to take some photos. We had one last goodbye then he was gone. But he turned around to give us one last look…

All Grown Up…

Davis England, Justin Mansell, Porter Criddle & Marshall Henrie These boys are part of a great group of kids that have been friends for a long time.  By the end of the summer they will all be serving full-time LDS missions throughout the world. In this case, a picture is worth more than a thousand […]