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First P-day in the MTC

Hey everyone!
These past few days have been just absolutely crazy! So, I’ll start from Wednesday. So I get all my stuff unpacked and in my room and the host takes me to the classroom where I meet a couple of people in my district, but my companion wasn’t there yet. And then my teacher walks in and doesn’t say a WORD in English… he starts trying to have a conversation with me in Chinese, and asking me questions (I think) and I’m just thinking, “What do you expect me to say?! I almost was like,”Uhh… no comprendo.” Then they take us to the orientation for new missionaries and they said that there were 900 of us coming in that week! I saw like everybody I know in the first 2 days.  It was awesome to see and talk to Elder Kenney for a few minutes. Then after the orientation, we went back to the classroom and had a lesson in Chinese, and my teacher has YET to say a word in English the entire day, but most of the people in my district took Chinese for like 2 or 3 years, so they sort of had a grasp of what was going on. I’m sure my eyes were just glazed over that whole lesson. Then we went to dinner, and the food here is AMAZING!!! Everybody says that you will gain weight here no problem, because they have so many desserts and ice cream and and cookies… I am literally putting as much food as I can on my tray every meal. The food is probably the best part of the MTC so far. Wednesday was one of the longest days of my life, because they were just throwing so much information at you, it was nuts. But Thursday was pretty much the same, we had a 3 hour Chinese lesson where my teacher STILL didnt say a word of English, so that was fun. And then Friday we taught our first discussion to an investigator….. in Chinese…..and that went pretty well! It was nice and smooth, until she started to talk… She would ask a question and we would sit there for like 5 minutes trying to figure out what she was saying, then give up on trying to answer it, and keep going with the lesson. I had a script that i just read from the whole time, but we came out of there laughing because it was such a disaster. Then we did another lesson again on Saturday, that went just the same as the first lesson. And then FINALLY on Saturday, my teacher started speaking English, but only for like 1 out of the 3 hours, so the other 2 I still had no idea what was going on. On Sunday, we had Sacrament meeting and that would have been pretty beneficial….if any of the talks were in ENGLISH!! But everyone says that I’ll start to get it soon enough. It seems like the missionaries that have been here for a while know so much!
But my companion, Elder Wilson, is a stud. He is a pretty quiet kid, but he is dedicated and really cool. We are the only 2 in our district that just graduated high school, and everyone in my district is so sweet!!  They are all just the coolest guys ever. Its kind of weird, cause there is a guy in my district that is 22…. I feel like such a little kid compared to everyone here! I’m like the baby of my district, and basically the whole MTC!! haha but its still so fun, everyone here just has the greatest attitudes, and it is the most amazing Spirit here! I have never leaned on and put my trust in the Lord more than I have here, it has been just amazing. I love you all, I’ll talk to you next week!!
Thanks so much, I love you!
Elder Mansell

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