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Look outside yourself

Everything is going great! The MTC is amazing, the Spirit is incredible here, everyone is just so dedicated and willing to serve. It´s weird, they have a ton of rules here but they don´t really enforce any of them. Most everything is based on the honor code. Most everybody follows all the rules but occasionaly you´ll see people that don´t have any regard for the rules. Other than that, its amazing to see how many people follow the rules when they really dont have to. The dedication of everyone here is amazing! But it is really a huge roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs everyday. It is really easy to tell when you don’t have the Spirit, because you have it so much, that on the occasion that you don’t, you just feel empty. It is a real motivator to strive to have it with you everywhere. There was an experience that I had yersterday that was a real eye opener for me. So I wasn’t really feeling the Spirit the whole day yesterday, and I was a little confused as to why. I kept on praying but it just wasn’t coming to me. Then we watched the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar after the devotional, and it was about how Christ turns outwards when the natural man would turn inwards. Elder Bednar showed us so many examples of how the Savior didn’t worry about himself, but was always focused on others. Then it hit me. I had been praying for me the whole time. Praying that I would be able to focus, that MY foot would heal (I´ll share that story in a second..) I hadn’t been praying for others or focusing as much on others as I should have been. Elder Bednar said that the blessings come when you focus on others, and not worry about yourself. That was a really good experience.
So the foot story……its actually pretty embarrassing. So we were having a managing stress workshop in the classroom, and our teacher told us that we would have a race. It would be up the stairs to the third floor and back, not that long. And as you know, im extremely competitive and hate losing. I didnt want to lose even a small race such as this one. So we start and I´m near the front on the way up, but on the way down I´m tied with another Elder. We had one flight of stairs to go, and I tripped at the top, and then just tried to turn it into a jump to make it look like i didn’t  trip….I landed halfway on the bottom stair and twisted my ankle… I couldn’t walk like at all for a couple of days, but I pounded down the advil and its fine now!
Other than that, everything has been just awesome, the hours go by slow and the days go by fast. Sometimes I feel like I have been here for 3 years, other times its like I´ve been here for 24 hours. It´s a lot of hard work, definately the hardest I have ever had to work, but I know that in the Lord´s strength I can do all things!! I love you all!!
Elder Mansell

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