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Hey everyone!
In the past 3 weeks, I have figured out that there is a really warped sense of time here in the MTC. Time literally doesnt make sense. It feels like I did something yesterday, but it was a week ago. Then I feel like I did something sooo long ago, and it was only yesterday. Weird. But everything is going great! I gained 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks here! Haha. Maybe thats because we only get 3 and a half hours a week for exercise…
But the language is going pretty good! I can understand a lot of the questions that our investigators ask.  On Friday we got to teach members that weren’t acting as investigators, they were just acting like themselves. Usually our investigators are our teachers so they don’t talk super fast and I can understand a good portion of what they say. But when we got a member from China, and she talked SOOO FAST I literally didn’t understand a word she said the entire lesson. Oh, and there was like a little 7 year old that was in the room too who was in a Chinese immersion program. He spoke better Chinese than we did!  AND HE’S 7!  It was a pretty humbling experience, I’m not gonna lie.
I have been sick like this whole week, and its tough because you don’t get any breaks and you just have to keep going with everyone. So its been pretty difficult this past week, but I’m getting better! And other than that everything is awesome here!
I played the piano in sacrament meeting and the next day like 4 people came up to me and wanted me to play the piano for them! I’m doing arrangements for 2 different singing groups and doing Be Still My Soul with a viola, a violin, and a cello. We had our first practice today and it sounds amazing! We are going to try out for a special musical number and hopefully play in front of the entire MTC next Sunday! Anyways, its been a good week and I’m just chugging along! Talk to you next week!
Elder Mansell

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