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The Gift of Tongues

Hey everyone!

Everything is going great down here, the weeks and days are really starting to blend together and its hard to remember what happened in the past week…. Umm I had a couple friends come in this past week! I saw Matt Easton a couple hours after he got here, and we had probably the biggest man hug ever. Its good to have lots of people that you know down here! And a ton more are coming this Wednesday!! Hopefully I will get to host…

So it was fast and testimony meeting yesterday and the MTC President was in our sacrament meeting! It was a little intimidating…. but I remember the last testimony meeting I had at home, I said that I wouldn’t be able to understand any more testimony meetings for a while…. I didnt think that it would only take 6 weeks! The gift of tongues is amazing… I understood everything that everyone said, and it was the coolest testimony meeting I have ever had!

My district is probably the greatest district in the history of the world. We are all just best friends and it is so fun to be with them all day every day! It really is like a big sleepover. So this past week, we decided as a district that we wouldn’t be speaking anymore english, except for the words that we don’t know, obviously. Because now we are good enough to pretty much be able to say what we want to say most of the time. It can be a little frustrating though… because I can’t really express myself as much as I want to! And there are some people in the district that are a lot better at Chinese than the rest of us… But struggling with the language is a requirement for the gift of tongues, so I try and put a positive spin on it.

So we all got the emails from the Taichung missionaries that just left, and it just makes me so excited to get to Taiwan! The food is amazing, and the first day you have to go Dan Jones ing, it just sounds like a blast!

That’s about it for this week, I have figured out that if you don’t think about time, like when dinner is, or how far away p-day is, then it goes by so much faster! Oh and the food is really starting to mess me up, I’m pretty sure that my digestive system is just going to explode…. other than that everything is great!! Love you all!!

Elder Mansell



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