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Hey everyone!

Wow, this whole MTC experience has gone by so fast! It feels like just yesterday that I got dropped off on the curb, and next tuesday they are shipping me off to Taiwan!! We got travel plans.  We leave Tuesday morning and go to LAX from there it’s a straight shot to Taiwan.
So I don’t have any embarrassing language stories this week…. But we did get our full Chinese names!! Mine is Meng (pronounced mung) Rui (pronounced like ray) Kai.  Its a pretty sick name. Rui is our district ‘family’ name, and then Kai is my individual name. Rui means keen or sharp, and Kai means victorious. Yup. They nailed it! Keenly victorious…. way sick. And we got our Chinese badges today! All characters, but they only have Elder Mansell translated into chinese on them, not my full name on it.
So I hosted for the first time last week! Getting to host here is the weirdest process, you have to sign up and then they send you something in the mail if youre going to host or not and then you show up to a meeting where they tell what to do and give you a sticker. We signed up but didn’t get picked, our 8th week and we didn’t get picked! So around the time the meeting started, one kid in our district had a meeting with someone by the place where the hosting meeting was. We went and dropped him off at his meeting and then some random Elder asked us if we wanted to host, and we said yes!! So he gave us stickers and we got to the meeting right as it started! It was so fun, I hosted for 4 people, 3 english speakers and one Portuguese. The english speakers get the freaking nicest rooms!! Their building has like carpet and couches and lounge areas in it…. ours has nothing! and we are here for 9 weeks! I’m a little bitter. But I only had 1 crier… Some huge tongan kid that was bawling like a baby, and his whole family was too. He was like the last one to get here so I gave them a couple minutes…Hosting is seriously the funnest thing ever! Wednesdays are the hardest days here cause we have 6 hours of class with only dinner in between, so its tough. But that made it a ton better, we’re definatly just walking into that meeting this week…
Oh, and this past week I had probably the 2 most spiritual experiences ever! So the Tuesday devotional was Richard G. Scott, and his talk was so amazing. His wife died like 19 years ago and he said that he felt her presence in that meeting, it was so cool. The spirit was incredible! Then on Sunday, the Devotional was by Tui Sukapata or something like that, he played for BYU and was like the punt returner for the Miracle Bowl in 83….No clue. he said that all our parents would remember it. But he played for the Eagles too!! He told us to not take any notes on what he was saying, and to just listen. He told us a story about one of his converts from his mission. It was a really cool story, and the best thing he said is that nothing else in his life has paled in comparison to his mission, and he played in a National Championship Game and 2 Pro Bowls. He said that he was so jealous of all of us that we could go out and serve, it was amazing to hear that. So 4 kids from my district performed in the Devotional too, they sung Be Still My Soul, it was freaking amazing! So because my companion was singing, I got like a second row seat, right behind where we were when we came down here in october, and the closing hymn was Called to Serve, which we never do on sundays… we always sing it on tuesday, but everyone stood up and we were all just belting it out at the top of our lungs!!!! Seriously got the biggest chills ever, everyone on the stand just had tears streaming down their faces, probably the greatest spiritual experience I have ever had!!!! It is honestly impossible to describe that feeling.
And I am probably performing in the Devotional next week!! Me and 2 sisters in my district tried out last week singing I Believe in Chirst, but Sister Nally changed us to the Olive Tree, we tried out today for her and she said that it was a yes!!!!!
Its been a great week, only one more here! Can’t wait!!
Elder Mansell
Yes- we got a little bored!

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