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Get me out of here!

Hey everyone!

So this past week has been absolutely crazy! I actually leave at 6 tomorrow, they moved it up so we could take some train up to SLC. We’ll be there until 1130 when we leave and then we have 4 hours in LA.

Looking back on this whole MTC experience, I have realized a couple of things…

1. I have no idea how I can be this happy, when this is so hard! I mean, I am in a classroom for 8 hours a day, basically the same schedule everyday, only getting close to 8 hours of sleep on a good night…Learning the strangest language in the world…This should be miserable! But, it has been the most rewarding 9 weeks of my life. I have learned and grown more here than I have in any 9 week period in my life. I have laughed and had more fun here than anywhere. The Spirit is real. It is the only way that I could have gotten through this experience.

2. Time is literally impossible to explain. When I look back at the entire MTC experience, it has gone by so fast its hard to describe, but then when I  think of all the little things I have done, it shows me that I have been here for a while and have learned SOOO much.

3. The gift of tongues is as real of a power as anything out there. Everyone in my district says that I have come the farthest is learning Chinese. I came into the MTC knowing ni hao and now I can teach basically all of the lessons. That gift is amazing, but it only comes with work. It only comes after you struggle with the language, I’ll probably learn that even more in Taiwan… But there were times when I was wondering how I was going to do it..Then the Lord picked me up off my knees and helped me through it. I am so grateful to Him for everything. Seriously, I cannot even think of how to repay everything that He has done for me, especially here at the MTC. There are SOOOOOOOOO many little spiritual boosts and lifts throughout the day that He gives me to keep me going and to be positive.

I have learned a whole lot more than that, but those are the things that have stuck out to me since I’ve been here. When I’m just talking to random people and I tell them that I’ve been here for 9 weeks, theyre always like,”How in the world do you do it?” To be honest, I dont know. But the Lord guides me through every step.

I’m almost sad to leave, we had our last sacrament meeting today… It does not feel like I have had 9 of them… OH and I played the piano in Relief Society yesterday… hahahaha 2 of the sisters in my District sang The Olive Tree and I played for them. It was pretty weird. not gonna lie. Being the only 2 guys in a room full of 1000 sisters!! But it was still fun, I got to perform, so I’m happy:)

Well thats it for this week! Next email is from TAIWAN!!!! They’ll actually start to get interesting at that point…. Love you all!!!

Elder Mansell

SLC Airport
At the SLC airport today,  Justin ran into Kris & Nikki.  Thanks for the photo!!!
Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.40.11 PM
He’s on his way!



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