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Right before you’re about to give up is usually when miracles come.

Hey!! So this week was crazy, lots more ups and downs than the weeks previous…the week started out great, and then Friday came around and we got hit by this MASSIVE storm. We can’t really do anything other than tract in the rain. cause all of our investigators cancel, so it kinda sucked. But it […]

Ting bu dong (Sorry- I didn’t understand….)

Hey everyone! So this week went by so fast!!! My companion is better now, so we can finally really go work!! ┬áSo the traffic here is absolutely insane!! Imagine all the crazy drivers you know, and put them all in the same place- bad right? It gets worse, then put a ton of crazies on […]

Time flies

(September 9) Hey everyone! Holy cow it does not seem like it has been a week since my last email! Time just flies here… So there have been some pretty cool miracles this week with our investigators, honestly so many its hard to recognize when something is a miracle. But our ward here is easily […]

First Week in Taiwan!

Hey everyone! Oh my gosh, where do I start….. so the plane ride over here was actually super great!! I got a whole row to myself and slept for 8 hours!! it was the greatest flight of my life! All the other missionaries are cramped 3 to a row on the other side of the […]