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First Week in Taiwan!

Hey everyone!
Oh my gosh, where do I start….. so the plane ride over here was actually super great!! I got a whole row to myself and slept for 8 hours!! it was the greatest flight of my life! All the other missionaries are cramped 3 to a row on the other side of the plane and i got one to myself!
So, there’s this thing here they call it humidity. I thought I had an idea of humidity when I went to Georgia. Not even close! I stepped off the plane and literally got hit by this wave of humidity….but I’ve sort of gotten used to it.  We got to the mission office and to bed at like 12:30. Then we woke up and went for a run the next day, that was awesome. The one good thing about sea level was that I can basically run forever now. Then we had a ton of orientation meetings and i got my first bit of real Chinese food! It was a fried rice thing with eggs and meat, SO GOOD! Seriously amazing.
Then that night we got to go out proselyting! It was seriously terrifying at first… but then I got used to it and it was way fun! But the Elder I was with said that he’s not used to so many people saying no… but we did teach a lesson to some one in the park, and I shared the first vision and gave him some pamphlets, it was awesome! Oh and we gave a BOM to the first guy we talked to- pretty good start. Then after we proselyted for like 2 hours we got this mango smoothie…FREAKING AMAZING!!! And for like a buck too, everything here is super cheap, you can get like any meal for about a buck. but the smoothie was 10 times better than a jamba juice for like a fifth of the price!!
Then the next day we had more training meetings and met our trainers!! My trainer is a pretty sweet guy.  He’s been out here for like 8 months, and is the new district leader. Super funny guy, and really dedicated. So my area is Qingbai, its about 30 minutes north of Taipei and its a great area.   We have about 5 progressing investigators!!! We have shi di xiong, he is like a 50 year old that talks with a stutter, so I haven’t understood a single word he has said yet.  If they talk slow enough i can get the gist of what they are saying but I just don’t even try with him. But he is golden and will probably get baptized! lets hope… and we have one guy leo di xiong, di xiong means brother. He says that he will get baptized if he receives the personal revelation that he should get baptized! So keep him in your prayers… and we actually had 6 people come to church this week!!!!  We definitely weren’t expecting that many so it was good!! HAha we have one guy, his name is Zhong…I think… I get them all mixed up all the time!!!  But he is kinda crazy….we were in priesthood and the teacher was talking about prayer and this guy hears the word prayer and just stands up in the middle of class and gives a prayer.  But in church they had me give my testimony and tell a little bit about myself, it was pretty scary but way fun! So the first full day i was here, Saturday was not the best day, it rained the whole day!!! It rained straight for like 2 days, and its impossible to contact in the rain, and I haven’t gotten my rain gear yet!!! So I was basically just soaking wet for like 2 days, but it was still way fun. My companion actually said that not many days rival as bad as Saturday was….but its gotten better!!! Today the weather is perfect and last night it stopped raining so after church we were able to go contacting and that was awesome!! We taught 2 lessons, one of them I taught by myself cause my companion was on the phone, he makes phone calls for literally like 3 hours a day, but it was actually a really great lesson! And the second one was to a little 11 year old kid, we gave him a Book of Mormon pamphlet, he was the coolest little kid ever!!!! Seriously the best, everyone here is so nice, lots of people are just willing to hear what we have to say and take the pamphlets. The roads here are absolutely nuts!!!!!!!!! I almost got hit by a freaking bus my first day…..cause I haven’t ridden a bike in like 5 years, and now I have to go weave in and out of traffic, its an absolute mad house over here!! And my apartment is pretty cool, nicer than I expected and it’s a little dirty.  So I try and stay away from the garbage can in the kitchen cause that’s where all the cockroaches are…. I just stay away from the kitchen in general….. other than that its pretty great!!! Well that’s it for this week!!
Elder Mansell



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