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Time flies

(September 9)
Hey everyone!
Holy cow it does not seem like it has been a week since my last email! Time just flies here… So there have been some pretty cool miracles this week with our investigators, honestly so many its hard to recognize when something is a miracle. But our ward here is easily the greatest ward in the church!! They all just love me, I mean, not like thats out of the ordinary or anything, but still way cool! They are all so willing to help me learn Chinese, the language has improved so much in the past week!! Everyone says that my tones are amazing, and all the natives we talk to don’t believe me when I say that I have only been here for a week! One kid said that he thought I had been studying chinese for 1 or 2 years!! The gift of tongues is amazing!!!!!
We set up teaching appointments with a bunch of ward members to just go practice teaching them at their homes and to get to know them.  After church yesterday I had a chinese lesson with some of the ward members for like 2 hours cause my companion is super sick… we might have to take him to the hospital today, he has just been throwing up for like 2 days and has to sleep a lot so we haven’t gottten a ton of work done the past couple days. But hes gettting better!! He is seriously the funniest person  I know.  He always just makes me laugh and it really makes the days better.  Friday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders cause they go on exchanges with all the district leaders, so I went to their area and the one I was with Elder Forbes, seriously the greatest missionary I have ever seen.  He is just so happy and waves and talks to everyone he sees!! I tried just waving and smiling at everyone I see since then and it really helps me just be happy all day!!! Oh ya, as we were leaving the church, one of the members put 10000 bucks on each of our bikes!!! that is like 350 dollars!!!!!!!  We dont know who, but it just goes to show that they are all sooooooooo amazing!!  So our investigator Zhang di Xiong is my favorite, well they are all favorites, hes just a little more favorite (haha brian regan reference, I am seriously so funny…) but he just has so much faith!!! We went over the first lesson with him and he just said  wo xiangxin, I believe to everything!!!  He is just a hoot. Shi di Xiong is doing great too, keeping all of his commitments, so keep him in your prayers!!!! And leo di xiong still hasnt gotten his revelation yet, but thats cause he forgot to pray about the BOM, so we commited him to doing that, he seems to want it, so lets hope!!! WEll thats about all from xinban (sheen bahn) this week!!!
Love, Elder Mansell

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