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Ting bu dong (Sorry- I didn’t understand….)

Hey everyone!
So this week went by so fast!!! My companion is better now, so we can finally really go work!!  So the traffic here is absolutely insane!! Imagine all the crazy drivers you know, and put them all in the same place- bad right? It gets worse, then put a ton of crazies on scooters weaving in between, and then you have the 2 white guys on bikes. That’s what it’s like… hahaha.
So we had the coolest miracle in the world this week.  On Saturday I was making calls to former investigators and I called this random guy and we started talking, and he said that he couldn’t meet at the church,  cause he just had surgery.  I almost just said bye and hung up cause I thought he said that he couldn’t meet.  But I just had this feeling to not hang up the phone.  Like 5 times I almost did, and it got really awkward because I was ‘ting bu donging’ (didnt understand) and then just gave the phone to my companion and he talked and then we set up to meet with him like 5 miles away- not even in our area but we didnt know, so it was ok.  He was the most golden investigator my companion has ever seen.  He just has so much faith in the Lord, he stopped meeting with the missionaries cause of surgery and now we set him up with the missionaries in his area, and he will get baptized in like 3 weeks!!! Such a miracle!!!  And the ward just keeps on getting better, seriously they are all soo willing to help me with chinese and everyone here is so patient!!!  Members and everyone I talk to on the street, not one person I have said “ting bu dong”  to has gotten mad or even a little annoyed that I can’t understand, they are all so patient, I just love all of them!!!   Today we are going to Costco!! Ya, how many people can say that they went to costco on their mission??   Well that’s about it from xinban this week!!! God is real, and I see miracles everyday!!!
Love, Elder Mansell
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?? 014
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