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Right before you’re about to give up is usually when miracles come.

So this week was crazy, lots more ups and downs than the weeks previous…the week started out great, and then Friday came around and we got hit by this MASSIVE storm. We can’t really do anything other than tract in the rain. cause all of our investigators cancel, so it kinda sucked. But it is so funny, so we will just be driving down the road and all the crazies will yell “Mormons!!!!” from their scooters as they go past. They all love us!!!
It’s funny, when we are talking to people and we “ting bu dong” they grab our hands and write the character with their finger. Oh, cause if we “ting bu dong” it, then surely we will know the character!!! Chinese logic. weird. Haha I’m just like “oh, ok i get now” and keep talking. I kinda do that alot, cause most of them slur everything. I can understand a good portion of things if they speak clearly, like I know what they are talking about, but not really specifics.  And this week my being able to understand got so much better!!!  Everyone in the ward comments on how much its improving. I dont know, I can kinda tell, but it comes slowly so its hard to know if its improving. But when we talk to people on the streets my companion always asks them “how long do you think he has been here?” they always say 2 to 3 years!!!! And then I say 3 weeks and they never believe me.
 So this week, we had to drop some of our investigators, cause they arent progressing at all, they just like meeting with americans. So that was a little sad. And one of our golden investigators, zhang dx has had a pretty serious smoking problem. Once he quits, then he will get baptized the next week but right now he doesn’t have a desire to quit, so keep him in your prayers!!!! It was a little discouraging.   On the other hand, we are meeting with a yu dx, and he is the total opposite way!!!! His mom and sister are recent converts, and he is 13.  When we started talking to him, he had no interest, like most teenage boys do in religion. but now you can just see the change in his life!!!!!! He is always smiling and happy to see us, it is the coolest thing!!!! And shi dx, man he is so golden… when we met him on the street, he asked us if he could buy a book of mormon!!! He will probably get baptized in the next couple weeks, he just wants to know everything he can about our church first. We gave him the restoration video, and on our follow up visit, he said that he watched it like 6 times!!!! Haha he is funny, he just loves that stuff, but won’t admit it to us!! It is so funny, he acts like he doesn’t really like it, but we know that he just loves it!!
That was super sad to hear that bishop brewster passed away. it seems like yesterday he was just in the priest quorum with us….
Oh and Saturday when we got back to the apartment, there was this MASSIVE cockroach, right next to my bed!!!! EWWWWWWWWW. I’m fine with them in other parts of the house, but my bed? NUH UH!!! And the other ones have just been tiny, and this guy was definately the top dog.  But now that he’s gone, hopefully all the other cockroaches will know whats up and just leave- cause I hate bugs!!!
Well thats about it!!!   There’s a quote from another missionary that says,”right before youre about to give up is usually when the miracles come” I can definately attest to that.  It happens everytime, but it definitely makes me grow. especially my faith.  There’s a scripture in 3 Nephi 21: 9 – 10, super cool.  Well that is for this week!!! Thank you for everything you guys do!! Love you!!
Elder Mansell

One comment on “Right before you’re about to give up is usually when miracles come.

  1. Just wanted to say Hi and to express how proud I am of my great nephew. Thanks for the invite to join the blog…looking forward to the weekly updates. Aunt Freddi

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