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The greatest missionaries aren’t the ones that don’t make mistakes- they are the ones that don’t make the same mistake twice.

Hey everyone!! Wow, the past 5 days went by really fast… hard to remember everything that happened! My new companion is just a stud.  We had to go to the bu (mission home) everyday this week except one!! So much stuff went on.  We had stake conference, which was fun cause it was in Chinese…… […]

Even in our trials, we are blessed.

So the past week…. has been one of the toughest most stressful times in my life. But it has also been the most miracle filled and blessed times of my life. Let me just give you a day by day… Wednesday: my companion is getting really sick.  He hasn’t really gotten better since I’ve gotten here.  […]

The offensive smell of your fish…

Hey everyone! So this week went by super fast again! But it was actually a pretty bad week.. we had like all of our potential investigators bail on us!! Seriously, we had like 5 solid potentials… and most of our investigators did the same thing.  Stupid typhoon.  But we did have one really cool miracle. […]

Now I can’t speak English either…

Hey! Holy cow this past week has gone by so fast!! It feels like I was just writing you like 3 days ago…. crazy!!!  So our bishop just turned into the greatest guy in the world, like wow. When I first got here, he wasn’t too involved with us. Because the past 2 missionaries that […]