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Now I can’t speak English either…

Holy cow this past week has gone by so fast!! It feels like I was just writing you like 3 days ago…. crazy!!!  So our bishop just turned into the greatest guy in the world, like wow. When I first got here, he wasn’t too involved with us. Because the past 2 missionaries that were here before me and my companion were not really interested in doing anything with the ward.  And I wasn’t going to let that continue so I set up a meeting with him the first week I was here, and it took like 2 weeks to even meet with him, and now he is so great!!! He calls us all the time to see how we are doing, he brought a friend to church and gave us 2 golden referrals!! And he said that he could peike, whoa what is the english translation for that….. umm lesson with member present. So he went from being too busy to meet with us to teaching with us!!! So Saturday and Sunday we had 5 people that were relatively new investigators set up with us and all 5 didnt show!!! So that kinda sucked…but then the craziest miracle happened!! We have this investigator his name is Zhang. We have 5 named Zhang!!!! If it wasnt already hard enough to keep them all straight… but we were about to drop him cause he just never did the commitments.  And we just met with him and it was different than the other times, cause before we would kinda argue over buddhism and which was right, and never really got anywhere. But he commited to reading everyday and we even set a baptismal date with him!!!!!  He totally switched around, it was sooo cool to see.
We actually set baptismal dates with 3 people in the past 2 days!!! one is a 13 year old Yu Dx. He’s awesome.  His mom and sister are members and is pumped to get baptized, and the other one, luo dx, he is pretty cool.    He already read the whole BOM but just works a ton. But he is getting baptized in October.  We have 2 for October and 1 for November, with probably 2 more in there as well!!!
The other day I ran into an american kid and taught him in English. Botched it. I can’t teach in english to save my life… cause I just translate everything I say in Chinese to English, and it just doesn’t make sense…. hahaha.
Thats it for this week, Love you all!!!

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