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The offensive smell of your fish…

Hey everyone!
So this week went by super fast again! But it was actually a pretty bad week.. we had like all of our potential investigators bail on us!! Seriously, we had like 5 solid potentials… and most of our investigators did the same thing.  Stupid typhoon.  But we did have one really cool miracle.
So on saturday we just got, the term is fonged, when people bail, fonged by every single person that set up so we had a ton of finding time, and the whole time I have been here tracting has not worked at all.  We haven’t gotten into 1 door the whole transfer.  When we tract there are microphones with buttons for each apartment so we “ring” the doorbell and they answer the phone and usually say no to us.   But I was just talking to this guy, and the quality on those things is awful, and I don’t speak Chinese in the FIRST place… when my companion just said, “tell him we’re giving away a book” and so he let us in.  Sickest guy ever!!!!  Seriously so nice.  He’s like 50 with a 13 year old daughter, they let us in and we talked for an hour and a half!!  We set them up for every Saturday night cause he works every other day but it was so awesome!!!  This guy was like an answer to my prayers. I knew a tracting miracle HAD to come soon, cause it had just sucked before that.
So some of our investigators have started slipping…. the 13 year old kid who was like guaranteed to get baptized on the 25th said that his dad doesn’t want him to…. so please pray that his dad will let him!  Cause he totally wants to…
So I’ve figured out that Chinese is just ridiculous, for example, theres a word   qingwei, and it means  “your works”.  With different tones it means “the offensive smell of your fish”.   So in a lesson the other day I was telling the guy that we will be judged according to our works but I said we will be judged according to the offensive smell of your fish……….
So last tuesday I went on exchanges is Sanxia.  It is  a super rich area with like the Harvard of colleges in Taiwan. I went with a 4th transfer Elder. He is 4 transfers ahead of me and my Chinese is better than his…. he know more random vocab and can understand a little better than I can, but mine is just better.  We were teaching one of their investigators and he just would not come to church for the life of him!!  I shared all these scriptures and it didn’t matter what I did, he wouldn’t come.  I dictated that whole lesson, the other elder barely said anything like the whole hour we were talking.  He said the reason he couldn’t come is cause his sister was in the hospital for eating detergant soap (not terribly uncommon over here…) and I just had the feeling to promise him that they only way he could help her was to come to church.  I was like, ” As a representative of Jesus Christ, I promise you that if you come to church, she will be out of the hospital this week.  It’s the only way you can help her.”  I just felt powerful. I cant even describe the feeling when I said that.  Those weren’t my words.  The Spirit was literally talking to that man through me. Coolest experience of my life.  I don’t know if he went to church or not, but it was so sick..
Oh and there was this guy on saturday we were talking to and he had perfect english. He was like, ” Ya, chinese has 4 tones” and then he said them, and me and my companion are like “OHHHHH it finally makes sense now!!!!”  With all the sarcasm I could muster, I didn’t say it out loud, but I really wanted to….
haha- well thats it for this week!  Please keep Yu dx in your prayers!  Love you!

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