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Even in our trials, we are blessed.

So the past week…. has been one of the toughest most stressful times in my life. But it has also been the most miracle filled and blessed times of my life. Let me just give you a day by day…

Wednesday: my companion is getting really sick.  He hasn’t really gotten better since I’ve gotten here.  We’ve been to the doctor but they have no idea what is wrong with him.  He falls asleep on his bike and is just tired all the time…. we can’t really work at 100 percent and President and Sister Day are getting really worried about him.

Thursday: We get a call from President Day that says, come to the mission office today or I’m going to your apartment tonight.  We knew it was really serious. We get to the bu (mission home) at about 9 and president talks to me first. He just asked me what in the heck is going on with Elder H***.  We just talked about him for 15 minutes and then those 2 talked for like an hour and a half!  When my companion came out he said that he had to go back to the States to get treatment. Falling asleep on his bike is just way too dangerous and there’s a ton of other stuff that I don’t know about him that is wrong medically. The transfer meeting was Friday and President told me I would be getting a new companion. We didn’t get back from the bu until like 12 but I was freaking out a little bit cause I’m now in charge of an area!!! I have to lead out everywhere.   I have to know what the investigators need to hear, remember who the members are and make the set ups.  I was freaking out a little.

Friday: We get to the transfer meeting and I met my new companion. Elder G****. Oh man- he is so sick!!! I’ll tell you a little more about him in a sec, its so funny… but at the end of the meeting, President Day  had my companion come up and he explained that he had to go home and he bore his testimony. I was crying like a little girl…. I haven’t bawled like that in a really long time… it just hit me that he was leaving. Afterwards the three of us went home.  Elder H*** would be with us for the day, show Elder G**** around the area and then leave at 9. Then just like that I’m in charge of the area. Elder G**** is still my trainer and the senior companion but I basically do everything. It’s soooo hard…. I’m just a little 18 year old kid and now all these investigators are on me. I’m responsible for them. Crazy day.

Then after that it has just been going along!   So about my companion….. He is from Layton and on his 6th transfer, he’s one of the first group of 18 year olds on island. And you will never guess….HE’S DEAF TOO!!!! WOOO!!! Deaf party over here in Qinban!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahhahahahaha oh man…our situation is almost comical. He actually has about the same thing I have, but not as bad and in both ears so between the two of us, we have one ear that works. He has had it his whole life and most of his family has it, I think that is what is normally supposed to happen, I’m just weird…. oh man it is sooo funny.. we can’t really talk to each other at night after we have taken our hearing aids out. Wow- I sound SO OLD…. anyways… we are seriously like 2 old men. The most common phrase now is “what was that” or “huh?” hahaha but the Lord really has blessed us soo much, we have seen plenty of miracles…

Today we get to go to the temple!! On Thursday someone told me and I realized I forgot to tell you guys so when we got to the bu on Thursday I had the office elder send you an email because I know you would have had the entire Taiwan police force out to look for me by Monday night. Hahaha you owe me!!!

Well that’s about it. Craziest but most blessed week of my life. Already like 3 times we have gone to look for a member’s or an investigator’s house and having no idea where it is and somehow finding it. The Lord is watching out for us!!!

Love you all,

Elder Mansell



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