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The greatest missionaries aren’t the ones that don’t make mistakes- they are the ones that don’t make the same mistake twice.

Hey everyone!!
Wow, the past 5 days went by really fast… hard to remember everything that happened! My new companion is just a stud.  We had to go to the bu (mission home) everyday this week except one!! So much stuff went on.  We had stake conference, which was fun cause it was in Chinese…… As fun as sitting there thinking “ting bu dong, ting bu dong, ting bu dong, wow my chinese really sucks, ting bu dong, ting bu dong” for 2 hours, it was still pretty fun.  Then the sunday session of stake conference was a broadcast from Headquarters, with 2 apostles and like a seventy and some lady. They talked about how members really need to get involved in the work. They are already great. If they just gave more the work would increase sooo much. That session we started watching in Chinese and I was like ” oh no not again….” but then they had all the missionaries go watch it in English.
So my companion just comes up with these super deep and inspirational quotes on the spot and nobody knows how he does it but one really struck a cord with me. “Sometimes the missionary we want to be isn’t  the missionary the Lord wants us to be.”  That helped me a ton, because I’ve just been trying to be the perfect missionary, and its hard realizing how imperfect I really am.  Going on a mission really humbles you…. just try as hard as you can and the Lord will make up for the rest.  Another one was, “the greatest missionaries aren’t the ones that don’t make mistakes. They are the ones that don’t make the same mistake twice.”  Going along the same line, because I’ve been beating myself up a little bit if I make mistakes because I know I have the potential to be better.  But my view of a successful missionary has changed since getting out here.  We come out here so we can make mistakes, and grow and not make them again.  The Lord really is sooooo patient cause He only has imperfect people to work through.
So the last person Elder H***  contacted, his name is qu dx and he is soooooooo sick!!!!!!!! We met with him a couple of days ago and to be honest I thought he was going to fang our gutza’s.  I don’t know the english translation for that but we thought he was going to no show.  Then he shows up and he brought a friend!  And commited to a baptismal date!  LETSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO soo pumped. Now we have 3 solid Baptism Dates’s for November! All 3 of them should get baptized, but I’ve said that before and things just happen. Satan works sooo hard on them. But we should get at least 2 of them. Not too much to write about this week. I’ll probably have more next week love you!!
Elder Mansell

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