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Missionary work moving forward

Hey everyone!
Whats going on!  So this past week we have had a lot of new investigators and recently started progressing ones!!  Saturday our ward had a baptism for an 8 year old, and we went early to fill up the font and it was all dirty, so we have pictures of us in our rolled up suit pants cleaning the baptismal font with brushes.  But Saturday we had the craziest miracle…. so we were just tracting around our house and we knock on this totally random door and this little girl answers and says, “missionaries!” and opens the door and runs off.  We’re just standing there like “uhhhhhhhhh” and then her dad walks over and is like “come on in” and we’re just standing there like “uhhhhhhh” we were just so shocked we had no idea what was going on. But it turns out that they are members!  They live like 30 seconds away from us and don’t go to our ward.  We sat and talked to them for a while and they were having dinner with the missionaries in their ward and invited us over!  hahaha crazy weird miracle.
We have one investigator Qu Dx and he is just doing awesome.  We found him like 2 weeks ago and is just like sooooo willing to listen and change his life. We got a date for the 20th of next month! He kept on asking “HOW do I do all of this?”  So we just jumped right to lesson 3 with faith and repentance.  He is seriously sooo golden.
Oh man….. We have 2 baptism dates for the 20th and both are super solid.
Umm the past week went pretty slow to be honest with you, I got a liiiiiiiiiiitttttle trunky and was basically thinking about pday a lot.  But when you just focus on others it goes by a lot faster.  Well,  I think thats it for this week!
Love you!
Elder Mansell

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