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Hey everyone!

Well, transfers were last week and I didn’t think that I would leave.  I had only been there for 2. But I got hit!! I’m now in……drumroll please…………Ankang!! It means peace and safety; it’s actually not too far away from qinban. We’re going to the same Costco today, hahahah I freaking love Costco. But its south of Taipei, Taibei 101 is close to our area. We’re kind of in the mountains now!! The city I’m serving in is actually Qindian, and ankang is just a really big road and that’s our area. Holy freaking hills! My heck. But my new companion is Elder N***.  He is a pretty funny guy once you get him to open up a little. He is 21, from Seattle. We have a couple good investigators, hopefully we can get that White Christmas baptism the mission is working towards. Our area is really spread out so we take buses most everywhere we go, except for last night. We rode our bikes up freaking Mount Everest. Halfway up the hill we just stopped and walked the bikes the rest of the way. And that hill is the only place to really go tracting, so we have to go up there a lot. Bleh. Haha the ride down is super fun though!

The Ward is super small, only about 50 active members of a member list of about 500 to 600. Basically the whole island is baptized but less active.

So ya, it’s freezing here, especially when there’s no sunshine. I need like a coat, humid cold SUCKKKKSSSS. But ya that’s about it for this week. The only reason I didn’t want to leave Qinban is because of Shi dx. To see the gospel start to change that man was the coolest thing I have ever seen. He was sooooooo close to getting baptized. I saw way too many miracles with him for him not to get baptized. But the Lord needed me here for some reason.

So last night I figured out something cool. I CAN SPEAK CHINESE! We were at a member’s house for dinner and I understood basically everything that was said for like an hour and a half! Coolest thing ever. ITs weird, some people I understand everything they say, and others I think they are speaking Taiwanese. Which they probably are sometimes. But it was just super cool to actually understand what was going on!!! The gift of Tongues is real!!! If we control the input, He will control the output. If we work as hard as we can, He will make up the rest. I’ve definitely seen that with my Chinese recently. It’s the coolest thing in the world to see the Lord just frankly take over. It takes a leap of faith, and that’s something that I have learned how to do so much since coming out here. The changes I have seen in myself in the past 5 months are astounding. My trust in the Lord has just flown through the roof; it’s just a 100% trust now. Whatever happens is His will. And it is one of the best moments in the day when I get to put that badge with His name on it on my shirt pocket every day. It’s a privilege to represent Him.

That’s about it for this week, love you all!!


Elder Mansell


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