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Life is a roller coaster

November 3, 2013


So this week was pretty crazy. By far the most up and down week everrrrrrrr. Just a crazy roller coaster, but like my companion says, “A roller coaster isn’t fun without the ups and downs.” So 2 days this week we just got fonged (stood up)  like no other, one day all 3 of our set ups did it and on Saturday 2 members fonged us!! What the heck?! Anyways we had a crazy cool miracle this week.  So last week at church we had Shi dx there and we had a lesson with him afterwards with a super sick peike (member present at the lesson, no idea what it really translates into) who is just amazing. He just went to town on our investigator. He was like, “Stop wasting your time, stop wasting their time (ours) and just get on your knees and ask! That is all we are asking you to do! Forget everything else, just ask God.  It’s simple.”  We honestly didn’t talk too much that lesson, he just went ham. And it WORKED!!! We met with Shi dx like on Wednesday and he is a changed man. That experience definitely humbled him, a lot. He said that he did the prayer, and he got the impression to ask us how our church is different. He is the one who is a Christian and a leader in another church. He just humbly asked us the question, and he listened. He didn’t cut in and interject his opinion like he always does, he just listened. And we used the Bible to answer his questions. Hahaha but he only had a Chinese bible, so we ran home and got my quad (our house is about a minute away from his) and just shared scriptures about baptism by the Spirit and the need to get baptized. And he has never set a date for baptism before, Elder H***  and I just couldn’t get one with him to save our lives. But we just asked him again…. He just looked at us…with tears in his eyes.. and simply nodded yes. BOOOOM!!!!! Oh man it was easily one of the most spiritual moments in my life. Then we went and visited him last night, holy cow has he changed! He was like cracking jokes and smiling.  He has like never smiled before, it was awesome!! He was actually the only investigator we met with this week… the other ones fonged us. Or haven’t answered their phones! Qu dx one of our golden ones with a date for 11/20 isn’t answering his phone!! We now have 3 dates for 11/20. Qu Lin and Shi. Lin is just super golden as well, but doesn’t have a phone so we can only meet him on Sundays when he comes to church. Oh my gosh, we had 7 investigators at church this week!!!!!!!!! That is the craziest number ever…. I don’t even know how, we were only planning on a couple to show up. And ya, that’s about it for this week, the Chinese is….. getting there. I just finished phase 1 which is basically Preach My Gospel in Chinese. So now I have basically all of Preach my Gospel memorized in Chinese. Love you guys!!


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