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Praying on the street…

November 10, 2013


Whoa this week was just weird. It’s like we didn’t have any time at all but we had a ton of time, it’s weird, hard to explain. We had a ton of set ups but got fonged (stood up) by like everyone…. it just wastes so much time! Because the chapel isn’t in our area so we can’t just go contact outside the chapel, we have to ride 10 minutes to get to our area. And we only found one new investigator this week, last night at like 830. Crazy miracle though! We were just riding home and see this kid crossing the street so we stop and talk to him. Actually a really cool kid!! We just talked a little bit and he said he had been to a Christian church before so we prayed with him on the street.  Praying with people just on the street was the weirdest thing in the world when I got here. You just get used to the weirdness. Hahaha  But he said that he has a friend that has a tongxinglian problem. His friend is gay and was wondering if he can still be Christian and was just worried about him. And it was actually super weird, cause when we first started talking I had the feeling to talk to him about that. It’s kinda cool. The Spirit talks to me in Chinese sometimes. But he is in danbing right now, which is their year of military service, so he doesn’t have much time. We gave him 2 Books of Mormon and told him to give his friend one and pray for him. Super cool. 


So our investigators are doing alright, Shi dx’s baptism has to be postponed because he has to have an interview with the Mission President, he had some problems earlier in his life. But we taught Word of Wisdom to him and he agreed with everything but tea. EVERYONE here drinks tea, but he said that he would try it for a week. So please pray for him!!!


Other than that, everything is going pretty good. Chinese is coming along. I’m picking up Phase 2 today, which is all of the ‘street’ words. Basically it’s just all the just random words. Phase 1 was basically PMG in Chinese, so now I have it memorized. Hahaha  Oh and I had my interview with the President this week. Not what I expected at all…. just talked about goals, a little about hearing aids and that was it. I have a goal of 200 words by next interview. I have no idea why he gave me that goal.  I can do that in like a week. Haha hopefully I can pass off Phase 2 by the next interview.  It’s about 3000 words. 30 a day and I’ll get there.  Then it’s just characters for the rest of the mission….

That’s it for this week, love you guys!!

Elder Mansell

照片 003

Gotta love the reflective suspenders!  We have to wear these at night now.


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