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It’s Christmas?

Wow, Christmas is¬†tomorrow. It honestly feels like just a regular day, nothing too special. Haha but the one thing that makes it seem like Christmas is just how freaking cold it is!!!! Holy cow, it just keeps on getting colder, and the constant rain doesn’t help. I’ve resorted to doing studies wrapped up in my […]

Finally- an interesting week!

December 15, 2013 ¬† Oh man this week was INTENSE!! Actually have stuff to write about…We went singing in 3 places this week. Its so great to take a little break on the weekends and go tour Taipei. And hanging out with the other missionaries is the funnest thing in the world. We basically had […]

One more week…

December 8, 2013 So this week went by really fast, but was really tough…. Sometimes it feels like nobody here wants the Gospel, and that we are wasting our time. But we always do find the prepared people… they just never live in our area!!!!! Seriously, most of the things in Preach My Gospel about […]

God is real

December 1, 2013 We finally got the schedule for choir, and we are performing 14 times this month all over Taibei. We don’t go out of Taibei though, but we are going like everywhere. Its going to be sick! So something I have realized about Taiwanese people this week is just how terrible life is […]