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One more week…

December 8, 2013

So this week went by really fast, but was really tough…. Sometimes it feels like nobody here wants the Gospel, and that we are wasting our time. But we always do find the prepared people… they just never live in our area!!!!! Seriously, most of the things in Preach My Gospel about finding just don’t apply here. Like asking people about their religious background, its all just Buddhist. Asking people if they have ever had the question of “Where did I come from? Why am I here?Where am I going.”  Not a single person has said that they have thought about it. Ask people their expectations for meeting with us? Its always “none.”  I hope that the new Preach My Gospel 2 is the Asia edition of PMG….. hahahah cause most of it doesn’t work here. Most people haven’t ever heard of prophets, you have to start from the very basics like youre talking to a little kid. We did have one ray of sunshine this week though!
Last night we were tracting, and I have had absoslutely no success my whole mission tracting, but there aren’t too many people in my area and only one park to contact at, so we tract most of the time. We were just tracting on this street and found this guy that let us in!! Only my second door I’ve ever been let in to. He has come to church before and said that he is open to learning about different religions and that he wont discriminate. I’m pretty sure this guy wasn’t Taiwanese. Hahahaha but he said that he would call us when he is ready, he says that he just isn’t ready yet. but he wants to be, so hopefully…. And after that we went and visited one of our investigators, his name is Wu dx. Literal GENIUS!! This guy has written 32 books on economy, he is one of the top 10 economists in Taiwan. and he wrote them all without a computer!!! It was all hand written, his hand is literally disformed from all the writing he has done. We learn a ton when we go and visit him. He was watching TV with himself on it when we came and visited once. I’m sure pawpop would have a good time talking to this guy. His english is pretty good.
So phase 2 is kicking my freaking butt!! Holy cow, I was getting 100 words a day before but now its like 50 a day and I have to review them like 3 times to remember them at all. I’ll finish it hopefully by Christmas. I have about 350 left, then I get to start characters!!! WOO!!!! Well thats about it for this week, not too much went on to be honest with you. Christmas is going to be fun, I hear that everyone just gets super trunky. Hopefully this next week is more exciting! We travel more for choir this week! We went to the north coast of Taiwan on Friday to sing, we have a couple performances this week, should be way fun! Love you all!
Elder Mansell

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