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Finally- an interesting week!

December 15, 2013
Oh man this week was INTENSE!! Actually have stuff to write about…We went singing in 3 places this week. Its so great to take a little break on the weekends and go tour Taipei. And hanging out with the other missionaries is the funnest thing in the world. We basically had 2 pdays this week, cause on Saturday we were at the mission office all day helping the English Ward set up for the Christmas Pageant. And the primary sang in it, holy cow it made me miss primary programs sooo much. It was the first time I have seen american kids, it was so great. SOOO I got that tree you sent me last week, and that was the greatest Christmas present I could have asked for. I was almost just overcome with gratitude as I was reading those ornaments and putting the tree up. Thank you soo much for everyone that helped out with it, and for those of you who didnt…. there’s always next year. Hahaha. This week we were eating lunch and mine had some spinach on it, but it was just nasty bitter spinach. My companion was like,”Why dont you like spinach?” I just said, “I had. A bad. Experience. Dang it, I’m deaf.” Hahahahahahhahaha greatest movie quote of all time (Italian Job), but it was really funny becuase Dad put a message about spinach shakes on an ornament. And its funny cause I’m deaf too. I can relate.
So we have an investigator named Li dx. He is my favorite person on the planet! He has been a progressing investigator for almost 2 years now, going to church every week and reading and praying every night. He is more active than most of the members. And he is the COOLEST guy ever! So great, he is going to get baptized one day, he knows it, he just is really afraid of change. So please pray for him.
We also had the greatest miracle in the world yesterday!!!!! So President is wanting us to get a ‘White Christmas’ this year. He wants every companionship to get a baptism in December, and we only have 1 who really had a chance. Zhang dx, he just had a kid and his wife is a member, he comes every week too. I was fasting and praying my guts out that he would get the spiritual confirmation that he should get baptized. We met with him after church, and before we sat down, he was like, “I know what you’re going to ask, I prayed and got an answer that I need to get baptized. When do you want to do it?” I actually didn’t hear any of that, not cause I’m deaf, but cause all I heard was this angel choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus! LEEETTTTSSSS GOOOOOOOO!!!! We went over the baptism questions with him and he said he’s got no problems, so he’s getting baptized on Christmas!!!! MIRACLE CITY BABY!!!
And we met with this family that was a referral this week.  They don’t live in our area so we gave them over to the other Elders in our district, but it was really cool. They said that they wanted to learn more about our church because they saw us on the street and we were really clean and professional and happy so they wanted to know why we were different. So that was pretty cool, reminds me of 1 Peter 3:15.
And last Saturday at Jinhua (thats just the mission home, temple and stake center plaza thingy) we went and advertized for the Christmas pageant.  So we went to this massive park with all those little shops and tons of people, got up on a little platform and just started singing our performance songs while other missionaries passed out cards for it. People were taking pictures and crowding around, there were probably 100 people just watching us at one point, cause how often do you see a bunch of white kids all dressed up singing songs in a park? Hahaha. But we also went and caroled for the Temple Sister’s investigator, we sang Silent Night for her, and by the end tears were just streaming down her face. Music has so much power, its great, one of the most special moments on my mission so far.
 So right before I got to this area, the missionaries and the ward leaders had a little pow wow and asked what the hardest part of missionary work here is. Its definately finding. Holy cow, we haven’t found a new investigator since I got here, there’s just like no people. So the ward said that the members would find investigators for us! They would invite their friends over for dinner and invite us, and we will share a little message with them and ask if they want to meet with us. All I heard during that was the Hallelujah chorus as well. That is just absolute music to a missionary’s ears.
Well this past week was definately one to remember. I still just can’t believe that I’m actually getting a baptism on Christmas! God is amazing, and He hears our prayers. And I know that He sends His angels to help us out, sometimes that might be in the form of a Christmas tree, with all those little reminders that people back home love you. I thank all of you that helped out with that from the bottom of my heart, when ever I am struggling, i just look up at my tree and see all those little messages, it gets me through the day. I love you all!!
Elder Mansell
Christmas tree
Since there are not many Christmas Trees in Taiwan we sent Justin one.  We had a great time writing funny stuff on paper “ornaments” for him!
food chain
Justin’s version of the “Food Chain.”
teaching rhino
Yes- he will now talk to anyone!

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