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God is real

December 1, 2013
We finally got the schedule for choir, and we are performing 14 times this month all over Taibei. We don’t go out of Taibei though, but we are going like everywhere. Its going to be sick!
So something I have realized about Taiwanese people this week is just how terrible life is for so many of them. They work until they are literally dead. I see old 90 year olds working all the time, and its just so sad because they don’t realize the real meaning of life! Its just work sleep eat repeat. And we were talking to one of our investigators this week, who is a legit genius. Like, he writes books without using a computer, and has written like hundreds of them, and he was telling some of his friends that he was meeting with those white guy missionaries. They all said that they think our church must be super weird because we dress really weird. Thats honestly why most people don’t talk to us. Especailly the old people. Christian, buddhist, it doesnt matter. On my mission I have learned how real God is, but also that Satan really exists too. And he is really good at what he does. Its annoying.
So I was thinking this past week about something. I have been finding for about 150 hours on my mission so far. And I havent found a single investigator that went progressing. I have found about 30 to 40 investigators, but none of them stuck. I realized just how inefficient finding is. And honestly just how hard it is out here. But I realized that beacuse of our numbers, not really anything else. I honestly think I am too oblivious to realize just how hard it is out here. Hahahahha you just work hard and leave the rest to the Lord.
Our apartment doesn’t have any bug spray, and we get a couple cockroaches a week here, not too bad. But our method of taking them out is freaking sick. We have this spray bottle of alcohol and a lighter, get close and light the demons up!!!! Hahaha its soooo fun!!!
So about once a day, I see something that just makes me go,”Come on Taiwan…” Like the guy that is just on the side of the road peeing, or the porn on the walls inside the MRT, the kid that freaking pees in a bottle in English Class!!!! I love them but they are just a different people. Its interesting to see how the church changes with cultures too. Like when they get up to talk, they say, “All my brothas and sistas good morning!”(obviously not in that southern baptist accent) and everyone yells back Good morning. It kinda freaked me out my first sacrament meeting. Haha
Well I think thats about it for this week. Oh, one day this week I heard a song on my ipod come on by Lauri. “Christmas tree, its just you and me, this year” ya thats me. Its going to be weird….
Elder Mansell
Justin eating Frog
Justin wanted us to guess what he was eating.  We had some creative guesses but none of them were right:  It’s Frog.  Fried Frog. He said it was mostly just bone- not much meat.

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