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It’s Christmas?

Wow, Christmas is tomorrow. It honestly feels like just a regular day, nothing too special. Haha but the one thing that makes it seem like Christmas is just how freaking cold it is!!!! Holy cow, it just keeps on getting colder, and the constant rain doesn’t help. I’ve resorted to doing studies wrapped up in my comforter and my jacket with a heater at my feet. Its colder inside than it is outside. But I can see my breath now. I just play my Christmas music everyday to make it feel more like it……
So this week was alright, we went and sang at like 3 different places.  It ends this Saturday. But on Friday we’re going to sing at Xinban!!!! I’m going back! Its going to be siiiiick. But we haven’t found like any new investigators still. We really need people to teach. On Sunday all of our investigators came to church!!! All…..2 of them. And Zhang dx said that he doesn’t feel ready to get baptized on Christmas. That was a little depressing, but we set a date for him on January 18th. He said that he has already made up his mind to get baptized, he just doesn’t want to rush it.
So before my mission, when I heard that missionaries have a full hour of personal study, I thought it would be the most boring thing in the world. But it is my favorite hour of the day!!! Seriously, every day is just so great when personal study rolls around. Get to read talks and the scriptures, it’s so great.
One thing I just don’t like is that we have to wear conservative colors. I was buying a jacket the other day, and there was this super sick one that was pretty cheap, and I was going to buy it and my companion was like, “You know we have to wear conservitave colors right?”Ughhhhhhhhhh. So dumb. But it’s whatever, it’s not like I’m actually trying to impress people, and I just do it naturally, so…… 🙂
This week is actually going to be really cool. We will have our Christmas Zone Conference with all the Taibei zones tomorrow. I’ve decided that I want to stay in Taibei for my whole mission. You just know so many more missionaries if you’re in Taibei. Everywhere else is like outcasts. Hahhahah. But we will probably get texting and Facebook for our Christmas present!!!!! Maybe Ipads too, you never know.  South Korea already has them, we should get them by the end of the year. Holy cow, missionary work would be SOOO  much more efficent with them. SO easy to keep track of investigators and addresses and schedule.
Wow, Christmas is just not the same…… but I will actually get sleep on Christmas eve for the first time in my life, thats a plus!! Hopefully that Christmas package got here. We are going today to check. If it didn’t, that would be sooo lame. Well that’s it for this week.  SHENGDAN QUAILE!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!
Elder Mansell

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