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First Baptism :)

It was super cool. It went perfect….except for the fact that the hot water ran out when it was only half way full, so they had to do it 3 times. His friend who is a bishop baptized him. I was a witness. And APPARENTLY they have to raise the RIGHT hand only, not the left. He raised his left, and I thought it looked a little weird, but I just figured that he was left handed…. They did it the second time, and he got all the way under and we started to close the font. Then President, yes, President Day was there, stood up and told them to go back and he had to use his right hand. I felt like a total NOOB. But thats alright, it was still really spiritual. He got up afterwards and bore his testimony. He said that the 3 most significant days in your life are when you are born, the day you die, and the day you get baptized. He is soooo legit. Then we sang Families Can Be Together Forever cause his wife is a member and now they can go to the Temple in a year!!!!!!!!! And if I’m in Taibei, i’ll probably get to go with them!!! Then I got to participate in the confirmation the day after. Oh my gosh, he wasn’t there when the meeting started and wasn’t answering his phone. We were freaking out, but he showed up after the opening song. Giving me a freaking heart attack!!
Ya, but other than that, we are still DOING WORK. The numbers have just shot up in the past week. We were calling formers and one guy lived right next to one of our stud members so we had a lesson with him at the members house. The guy is so legit!! Gao dx. He has been to church a ton, and we set a baptismal date for 3/1!! After the lesson our member told us that he has changed a ton since he last met with missionaries. BEfore he didnt want anything to do with missionaries, now he is legit. Thats what happens when you get 2 obedient missionaries working hard baby!! Miracles!! I also am going ham on characters. I learned 700 in the past week!!! Started reading the Book of Mormon in characters, and I’m at 1 Nephi 15. I can read most of the characters, but sometimes its hard to tell what it means in English. So I read a verse, and then try to translate it myself, and then look over at the English to see if I got it right. It takes a lot of time, but its super fun!!!
Thats about it for this week, lighting it up now!! Lets go get some more baptisms!! Right now I am reading in Alma where Alma and Amulek are just going ham on the something-ites. Being a missionary and reading the expericence of the Book of Mormon missionaries really gives me a deeper appreceiaiton for them. Haha and sometimes I’m reading and just be like, “yep, that just happened to me yesterday.” Haven’t been like thrown in prison  or shocking people yet…. Still waiting for that day. HAhaa love you all!!
Elder Mansell

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