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Getting Facebook…. maybe

This week was interesting…. I was sick as a dog last week, had to go to the hospital last Thurdsay. And hospitals here aren’t like they are in america, you go to the hospital if you have a hangnail here. But the doctor pumped me up on some meds, I have 4 different medications to take 3 times a day for a week. Over 80 pills. (Shilane’s note:  It was really like a doctor’s visit and he had a really bad cold.  The drugs are decongestants and Tylenol- but he really worried me for a minute.  I’m sure it was on purpose!)  Haha at the hospital, my companion had to translate their English for me. But I’m already feeling better, couldn’t really work out last week, and my companion is sick too. Its just been a dandy of a week over here. BUUUUTTTT we did have some cool miracles, we got 8 referrals this week!!! 8! I have like never gotten 4 in a week before, other missionaries were just handing them to us right and left. We got a media referral from Utah, and we were all pumped because I have never heard of anyone getting a referral from Utah in Taiwan. We spent like 2 hours trying to find his address, and then that night he called us and said that he didn’t need religion right now. WHY in the HECK would you give us your information if you didn’t want it. I don’t understand…..
Last Friday we went to a funeral for one of our members’ parents at a Presbyterian church. I think its presbyterian….. zhang lao jiaohui. Every one thinks we are from that church because Elder in chinese is zhang lao. But it was weird, I’ve never been to another church before. Never felt more like a fish out of water…. But the whole thing was in Taiwanese, and I don’t speak Taiwanese…, I barely speak Chinese. A preacher got up and ranted for like half an hour on WHO KNOWS what. I was really trying to focus on how much I was feeling the Spirit compared to our church. This one just felt empty, it was really nice with huge tv’s and a freaking nice piano. I’m sure EEEEEVERYONE pays their tithing in that church. But it just didn’t feel the same. Hahah but the best part, they had a guy from our church speak. One of the lady’s relatives, and it was the funniest thing in the WORLD to see the preacher just fidgeting there in his seat, looking at his watch every 10 seconds, tapping his feet, waiting for this guy to finish. OH MAN it was funny, he mentioned the Spirit World and this guy about lost it. It took everything I had to not just bust up laughing right there in the middle of it. But it was really awkward most of the time… cause the Christians in Taiwan hate us more than the Buddhists do. I’d see people in the congregation and be like, “Oh, do you remember me? Uh huh, ya. I’m the guy that got your door slammed on my face last week. How ya doing??” There were a couple of them there….
Haha other than that, last week was still pretty fun. We are getting facebook this week!!!!!! Woo!!! And we get to use our own account. So mom, change my password back.  We have a huge specialized training this thursday for 7 hours….. There has never been one that long, they will probably introduce it there.  If everything goes well we could be getting ipads. But thats a long shot…. Well thats it for this week. Love you all!!!
Thanks for sending my coat.  Hopefully it gets here soon. It was freezing this week.
Love- Elder Mansell

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