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My First Christmas

So this week was pretty cray cray. I was a little nervous about Christmas away from home, I head from everyone that you just get super trunky….But it was soooo fun!! Probably the funnest Christmas ever. Thank you to everyone that sent me a package, they just made my day!!! Everyone else….. there’s always next year. Hahaha its weird to think that ive already been out for 6 months!! So much has happened….. its unbelieveable. The personal growth has probably been the best part. When I first got to the MTC, I thought I was ready to be a missionary. But I was given a pretty rough wake up call… and to see the difference between then and now is crazy.
So we finished out choir performances this week. We performed at zone conference, and right before we started we gave President and Sister Day our Christmas present. We had been practicing that Army of Helaman medley song for a couple of day and sang it for them as a surprise. It was sooooo good, they were just bawling by the end of it. It was a really spiritual moment. For our mission christmas present we got texting!!! Everyone though it would be ipads or facebook….but texting is still pretty cool.
Skyping was also really fun, but easily the fastest hour of my life. wow it just flew by. But it doesnt seem like much has changed since I left, so thats good. Hahaha but Dad, you asked me a question that I have been thinking about a lot recently. “What is the absolute best part?” I would have to say that it is getting up every day and putting on that badge that says Yesu Jidu on it, and having it on all day. Thats my favorite part of the day, is getting to put that on.

But last week numbers wise was ROUGH. wow it was soooooo bad. We had 4 lessons…..the whole week…… and we are down to 3 investigators. But they are all super good! so its ok. In church yesterday, the relief society and Priesthood all met together for 3rd hour. Apparently they do that every 5th sunday of the month?? My companion was like “duh, they do that everywhere.” And then I remembered that I never went to Elders Quorum before my mission…… But the Bishop just POUNDED it into everyones head that THEY ARE DOING MISSIONARY WORK NEXT YEAR! He had everyone write down 5 names of people they want to share the Gospel with, and Fast about what to do with them. And he wanted every member to give at least 1 referral to us in 2014. That would be like 75 referrals, and most member referrals get baptized. Those ones have by FAR the highest chance. So it should be good, hopefully I dont get transferred this week….. I probably wont, its about 50/50 on whether or not my companion will or not.

Well, thats about it for this week. Prayers for new investigators would be greatly appreciated:) Love you all!
Elder Mansell

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