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So this week was transfers! Drumroll please! DUMDUMDUDMDUDMDUDMDUDMDUDMDUDMDUDDMDUDMDUDDM  (dont just skip this part and be dumb, I want the dramatic effect)DUMDUDMDUDMD.
My new companion is Elder Yuy. He just hit his 18 month mark on his 12th transfer. He is from northern California and is a STUD. He said that he was praying to get send to a hard area. Well, he got one! The whole transfer meeting was crazy. We didn’t have any new missionaries come in this transfer and had a lot go home, so they had to combine a ton of areas, and a ton of areas got white washed. Our zone got combined with my old one the West zone!! Its freaking massive now. Gonna be way cool. At the transfer meeting, President got up and basically yelled at us (he said it wasnt for us obedient missionaries), cause there are a lot of missionaries that aren’t obedient enough and thats why the mission is struggling right now. He said he was going to start sending a lot of them home soon. And at the transfer meeting I passed off Phase 2!!! It was a miracle, I don’t know how I did it. But characters, here I come!! People dont believe me when I say that I didn’t speak chinese before the mission. I got blessed with a really big chunk of the Gift of Tongues. I translated our last district meeting into chinese, that was super fun. And I just got a translator that is super sick. I can write characters on it, so that should help me learn them a ton faster.
So we had a baptismal date with Zhang dx on the 18th of this month, but he came up to us yesterday at church and said that he wants to get baptized this saturday!!! BOO YA! Our district leader told us that it was the easiest baptismal interview he has ever done. This guy is soooooo legit. And the geunis wu dx is getting really close too. He told us when we went and visited him last week that he is slowly starting to accept our message. We will probably set a baptismal date for him next time. His only problem is coming to church……. other than that he is great. Does his homework and prays. He should get there.
Elder Yuy and I are doing WORK.  We have already found 2 new investigators. So already a pretty good week. I’m super pumped for these next couple of transfers. There are a bunch of new missionaries coming in 2 transfers, and one of us will probably train then.
We have a less active family in our ward that we visited with the Bishop last week. Su jiating. He was a counselor in the bishopric about a year ago, and stopped coming to church because his only son married a 40 year old lady and they cant have kids. So he got really bitter and stopped coming to church. But they are getting really close to coming back. Just ashamed to come back, and think that they have too many sins. They are living in the past. “The past is to be learned from, not lived in.” We can look back at the good things from the past, we can look back on the embers, but we shouldn’t focus on the ash.
Ping an out!
Elder Mansell

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