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Chinese New Year

This past week was Chinese New Year… basically all that means for missionaries is eating food at members homes for 6 hours a day and tracting. But both of us were sick this week, so had to stay inside most of the time. I still have that dang sore throat, had it for like a month now. And tones are just GONE when you have a sore throat, so my Chinese is terrible right now. Went to the hospital again a couple days ago. And NO mom, I did not stay overnight. And they only had to use the defibrillators on me twice….. Not that big of a deal. 😉

Thanks to everyone that wrote me a note in that package I got last week!!!! I was honestly about ready to call y’all to repentance again……. But seriously thanks!!!
So I don’t know how I have not died yet….. There have been over 15 times where if I did what I normally do, I would have died. For example, last week we were riding our bikes home and the traffic lights here have timers until it turns green. I start going when it hits 1 and then turns green right after that. But for some reason I looked left and saw the actual light turn red. But there was a huge semi truck that ran the light super bad, and I saw it so I didn’t go. So many stories just like that. I bet like 90 percent of the angel force is in Taiwan. And I was riding in a car the other day going to eat at the Taiwan equivalent of Chuck a rama. An all you can eat pizza hut, and the guy driving was going 40 mph. I thought we were going to die we were going so fast!!! It was the weirdest thing ever.
This week is when everyone brings out the super weird foods….. So far I have eaten 1000 year old eggs, a freaking chicken foot, and stinky tofu. I cant decide which one made me gag more. The stinky tofu was actually really good, but eating that egg was the worst experience I have ever gone through. They got a video, and I had them send it to dad, along with some pictures. I have no idea how I didn’t throw that thing up. Gagged at least 10 times in that 1 minute. But I took it down!!!!! My companion was just sitting there laughing at me the whole freaking time. But the chicken foot I just couldn’t take all the way down. What I’m wondering is who is the idiot that thought eating a chicken foot would be a good idea. Literally no meat at all. Just fat and skin. And toenails. You have to bite the freaking toenails off. SO GROSS!!!! Ugh, but at least I can say that I ate them now. The picture doesn’t even show how gross it is.
And this week is when the Chinese New year Buddhists (kind of like the Christmas and Easter Christians) bring out their pots and do some ancestor worship. I have tried as hard as I can to understand why they do it. Who was the guy that said (and you have to say this in Brian Regan’s voice) “Ya know, I figured out a good way to respect our ancestors. Lets get a big pot and burn some napkins in it. But not just any napkins, they have to be FANCY and expensive napkins. And lets get some food out for our ancestors to eat, and wait a little bit until they dont eat it, and then we can eat it.” Doesn’t make any sense to me.
But that’s about it for this week. Getting real fat now. Hopefully I can actually talk next week. And my companion is super sick too. Every single companion I have had so far has gotten sick as a dog when I was with them. I don’t know what that is supposed to mean….. Anyways, have a great week!!!
Elder Mansell

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