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Still Chinese New Year…

So last week was a little strange, it was still part of Chinese new year, so didn’t get a ton of stuff done. But I’m not sick anymore!!!! Can finally start speaking Chinese again….. Recently, President has really been focusing on baptism…..like a lot. Whenever we contact people, we have to say “Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ and be baptized.” And then start talking about baptism, like right as we introduce ourselves. Touch the name badge, state your purpose. Cause whenever we meet someone, we touch our name badge to show them what our name is. I think it’s pretty cool, not gonna like, really weird at first, but you just get used to it. There are a lot of awkward things that you just gotta get used to on a mission. Oh, and we ran into a Brazilian guy the other day, and almost baptized him, but we couldn’t find any water and he had to go…. So close……..
So at church yesterday, I got up and talked about, you guessed it, missionary work. I had the feeling last week to share a story of one of our members in sacrament meeting. So I called the Bishop and he said ok. This member is sooo cool, he is the one that gives us unlimited fried chicken for about 2 bucks. We go there to eat almost everyday…. But a couple of months ago, we were helping a lady in his neighborhood move, and he just invited her to church, and she said yes. She is pretty old, and the old ladies here reallllly don’t like us. Like, everytime we go tracting and an old lady opens the door, she just looks at us and shuts it. Haha last week, one lady just said ‘jujue’ and shut the door. That literally means just, ‘reject’. Haha but if we would have knocked on this lady’s door she probably would have said no. But she came to church twice and started meeting with the sisters, and said that she wants to get baptized. She is in China right now, but will get baptized in May. All because he just invited her to church. Everytime I go to their store, I hear them talking about the Gospel with the customers and the people that work for them. Greatest family ever. But ya, I shared that story (in near perfect Chinese:) and it was fast and testimony meeting, so he got up after and was just crying like the whole time, I honestly didn’t understand a single thing he said, most members change their Chinese when they are talking to us, make it simpler and talk slower, but he doesn’t. Slurs everything together. But then a couple of other people got up, and one lady, who got baptized right before I got here, told us about how she first met the missionaries at a bus stop right by our house, and got baptized a little while after and had started to go less active, but ran into us at the same bus stop last week, so she decided that she better come to church. Haha funny little miracles that you don’t even recognized like that all the time. But it was the most spiritual sacrament meeting ever. I feel like the members are starting to trust the missionaries again.
So on Februrary 22, ELDER HOLLAND IS COMING TO TAIBEI!!!!! wOOOOO!O!!!!!!!! Him, and someone from the presidency of the 70 AND someone from the presiding Bishopric. Our president told us that this will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in a meeting like this, AND he is coming to our Stake Conference the next day! There is a big meeting in Hong Kong, and they just wanted to pass through Taiwan for a couple of days. SO PUMPED. He is just going to 罵 us out and its going to be great. Ya sorry, don’t know how to say that in English. Google translate should have it. I can pretty much type whatever I want in bopomofo now, its pretty easy and helps with pronunciation. Well, that’s about it for this week我愛妳們
Elder Mansell

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