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Which one am I?

Herro errybody,


This week was pretty cool. We had a 7 hour specialized training last week. I thought we were getting Facebook, or maybe ipads if we were lucky. But no….. They did make a couple changes though. So, before, there was normally one set of elders and one set of sisters in a ward. The sisters would normally cover both wards and just teach sisters. They would give us guys and we would give them girls. But they changed it, now sisters have the same size area as the Elders. And only 1 ward. So now, our ward doesn’t have any more sister missionaries, so that means we gotta start teaching girls now!!! I think its gonna be better, cause the girls in Taiwan are a lot nicer and more humble than the guys…. Haha and we got like 4 new investigators!!! Also, at the training thing they had us start doing something pretty cool. Every time we touch our name badge, we state our purpose as missionaries. Like, when ever we approach someone and introduce our selves we normally touch our name badge. Just kinda habit. But now we are supposed to say, ” Our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ and be baptized.” Ya, they have been focusing a LOT on baptism recently. Its really weird at first, but as a missionary you just gotta embrace the weird.


So this week we were tracting and found a guy in his apartment, but he told us that he couldn’t accept our message because God hasn’t found him yet. Uh, ya, why do you think we are here buddy????  He just found ya. Hahaha we always have crazy experiecnces finding…..


When we first meet with someone here, we always share our family picture. Like, they get legit mad if you don’t bring a picture of your family. And EVERY TIME they think I am Mitchell. Every time. One time, this lady thought I was Mitchell, then DAD, then Jared and then Cannon.  She would have kept on guessing wrong, but I was the only one left!! I don’t understand…. they all say I look nothing like my picture but all the Americans say I look just the same


So ya, that was about it for this week, going to the temple today, WOOOO!!! Love temple days! Peace out!!
Elder Mansell

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