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Getting’ Fat

March 16, 2014
This past week was soooo awesome!!! Like the funnest, weirdest, most awkward, and most spiritual week all wrapped into 1.
Start with the weird and awkward… so a couple of days ago my companion thought it would be a good idea to flush his leftover rice down the toilet. YAAAAAAA that didn’t end up too well, clogged it all up and then he said he fixed it, and then went #2 and actually it wasn’t fixed at all, and the toilet started overflowing with poop water, lets just say its a really good thing that Taiwanese bathrooms all have drains, or this story would not have ended well. We spent upwards of 2 hours scooping that nasty water out of the toilet and it just kept on filling up, so we left it for the night looking like this, see the picture below. And in the morning, it hadn’t gone down yet, so we had just basically given up. When all of a sudden, during workout time, it just magically flushed and started working. I guarantee you that an angel fixed our toilet. Haha I can just see the look on the angels face, like.” How dumb ARE these guys, I had to be the one on kindergarten duty today??” Haha.
So that investigator I told you about last week that set a BD on the street is so great. His name is chen bei chen, he is so golden. Went to church with us yesterday, and the ward did sooo good at making him feel at home. But during Sacrament Meeting, the topic was the temple, and he doesn’t know anything about the temple yet. I was getting worried becuase they were using really complex words that average Taiwanese people just don’t understand. Like, Endownment, and Melchezidek Priesthood and Baptism by fire. But I heard a voice in my head tell me, “Don’t worry, he’s been prepared.” And in Priesthood meeting, there was a setting apart. My recent convert Zhang dx got the Aaronic Priesthood!!!! But it was just a lot for this poor guy to take in, but he handled it really well. After church, there was a little party because it was my companions birthday yesterday and some members brought him a cake. And then like the entire ward walked in and it just turned into a ward party. Everyone was talking to our investigator, making him feel at home, and I just stood in the corner for a second and just watched. Just looked at everyone, all the screaming kids running around, and all the members I have come to love, and I just felt at home, this is my home. These ward members are my family, I love them all sooo much. It was a really neat experience to just take a step back and look at everything.
AFter that we went to a members house to eat, possibly the greatest member on this planet. Zhou ba, he is the guy we go eat at his fried chicken restaurant all the time, who is the greatest member missionary my companion and I have ever seen . He contacts people on the street and gives us their numbers. He shares the gospel with the people that work at his restaurant. Haha he has been working really hard on one of the ladies, and she just would not commit to coming to church. He just told her,”Ya know, you got a pretty hard heart, you should repent.” But he did it in his loving, joking way so it didn’t seem mean. But we taught the second lesson, and it went well. Haha I asked him which kingdom he would like to go to, and he was just like,”Eh, I’d be fine with any of them.” um, well……. Haha but wel also taught the Word Of Wisdom which is tough here, cause you’re not Taiwanese if you don’t break the Word Of Wisdom….. He drinks with his friends, and smokes a little bit, but he committed to trying it for a week. Please keep him in your prayers. Haha he had a lot of funny questions, he was like,” can a prophet like overthrow what the last prophet made a rule?” You have to start soooo simple with people here, he still doesn’t really understand prayer. He just says, “Dear heavenly father, thank thee, ask thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” It is so hard to get them to really understand prayer. You just talk with God, thats it, it’s so simple, but their concept of God is just so different than ours. We have to spend like 5 lessons teaching the first lesson, prayer and scriptures.
Anyways, things are all going pretty well. My companion and I are doing fine and working hard.
So ya, that was this week. PRetty coooool.
Elder Mansell



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