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Rough Week

March 2, 2014
So this past week was probably the toughest I have had yet. We were super pumped up after Elder Holland came, but we just got destroyed this week. Had about 4 hours a day of finding time, and didn’t have a single lesson or even a whiff of a new investigator. Not more than 3 people all week were even willing to listen to us. My companion told me that this is by far the hardest area he has ever been in. His mission has been pretty easy so far, be he was almost breaking down in tears by the end. Honestly, I wasn’t, cause I’ve just been in an area this hard my entire mission. Its tough not to get complacent after soooo long with absolutely zero success. But I grew a lot in the past week, faith has been pretty tough to come by, so it has grown a lot. We did have some tender mercies though, we had a member bring her friend to church and she has some serious potential. But the good news is that it can only go up from here!!!! This week can’t possibly be worse than last week. We visited 5 of the best member families in the ward, well, the only 5 good member families…. and asked them to Fast for us and the work in the ward on Fast sunday. And we met with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader to just plead for some member help. We made a really good plan, were talking for like over an hour and we decided to get a calendar and pass it around to the brothers in the ward and the young men and have them pick one to nights where they would help out with the missionaries. They will come finding with us if its finding time, come with us if we have lessons. Just a blocked out time to help the missionaries. We already have a couple set ups for today and one for tuesday, so Its already looking up a little bit.
So, ever since about December, whenever I get out of the shower, my whole body starts to just itch like crazy for about half an hour before studies start, I bought some lotion and it got better until last week. A pretty big rash spread all over my body, except for my face and arms, and the lotion just wasn’t working. Everyday after getting out of the shower, my skin felt like it was on fire for that half hour, then it went away. But it started heating up this week, and the itch comes back when I start to sweat and it just feels like needles all over my body. I could only ride my bike for about 5 minutes before I had to stop and cool down before I started sweating. Couldn’t really walk in the sun light, so my companion would be tracting while I stand in the shade. Went to the doctor and they said it was probably something to do with the weather and it should go away in 1 to 2 months. gave me some pills and lotion, it’s helped a lot. The redness has definately gone down a lot.
And this week I got a call from president…. its always nerve racking when you see his name on the Caller ID but he wants me to be in charge of the music for the mission. Which means that I put together the music for the fireside we have each month for investigators and new members, and for any meetings with a lot of missionaries. I pick the hymns and a special musical number and lead the music. Pretty fun.
That’s it for this week, lots of prayers would be appreciated!!!!!
Elder Mansell

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