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Tennis anyone?

February 16, 2014
So this week was really good, and it was the 1 year anniversary of me getting my call, and going deaf!! Whoa, it does not seem like it has been a year. Crazy stuff. So a couple days ago, I showed my companion a picture of me right before I left on my mission, and apparently my face has gotten really fat. Rice cheeks are kicking in….. And I have gained 25 pounds since coming out, I’m going to be a totally different guy when I get back.
It was sooooo cold this past week, holy cow. The temperature was in the high 40’s but it was a lot worse that Utah cold, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, the cold just kills you. 125 people have already died this winter cause of how cold it is. NOBODY knows why they don’t put heaters in people’s houses, cause all we got are those little personal heaters that don’t really do anything. Haha everyone is freaking out to the government cause apparently America is really cold too, it was on the news here, so it must be pretty bad, and nobody is dying there. But it is really good weather today, should start to warm up, and boy is it going to warm up here……
 Last week on Saturday, we had a whole day of finding, not a single lesson set up, so we just hit the ground and started going. By 4 we hadn’t found a single person, but we were walking around in this neighborhood, and there were tennis courts there with a bunch of old people playing. I stopped and watched for a couple minutes and I have never seen an 80 year old man hit a ball so hard and so consistent in my life. I was just staring, cause this guy can barely move side to side, but is just crushing the ball. Then they saw me and I went up and started talking to them, and then they invited me to come play!!! Of course I said yes, and went out there, missionary attire and everything and started playing with them!!!! A kid about my age showed up the same time I did, and another guy lent me his racket, and I hit with him. OH MAN was I rusty…….  that racket must have had some problems,  I think the frame was like 3 times bigger than it was supposed to be cause I was shanking everything….. But I got another racket and was hitting just fine  🙂 Holy cow, it was the funnest 10 minutes of my life. My arm freaking hurts a ton still, but it was worth it. And after that, we still weren’t having any success. We can really only go tracting here, not too many places to street contact. And tracting in Taiwan mainly consists of Grandmas yelling at you in Taiwanese and slamming the door. Or people just opening the door and waving their hands us and shutting the door. Then at  like 7:30 all of a sudden I just got a huge Spirit bomb thrown down on me, we weren’t finding anyone that wanted to talk to us, but I was just feeling it for some reason. I was feeling soooo good, and then about 10 mintues later we ran into 3 brothers on the street that were sooo cool!!!! One of them might have been high… but we still take what we can get. They were really interested, meeting with them tomorrow. Hopefully we can get some new people in our teaching pool. Its running a little bit low…
This week is going to be soooo cool. We got interviews on Thursday, and then Elder Holland is coming on Saturday!!! AND he is coming to our Stake Conference on Sunday!!! They are probably splitting our stake, and our building will be a new stake center. There are rumors of a new Temple in Taiwan…….. that would be cool. Anyways, that’s it for this week. Love you all!!!
Elder Mansell

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