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So this was a bu ke si yi week!!!! That means incredible. Cause we did see a lot of miracles, even though it rained..and rained….. and rained…. until Saturday. And by that time the Lord had a lot of prayers to answer… and He Did!!! We had 7 lessons and 4 investigators in one day. […]

Mother’s Day

So I kinda already talked to you guys today, so this email is for all the other people who just happen to read my emails…. which I hope is a lot… But I got a new companion this transfer, which makes 6 companions in 7 transfers. I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean, […]

Nobody is home

This week was soo good, best numbers week since I got here. When numbers are going good. everything is going good. If they aren’t, we got our District leader on our butts every day of the week. So I am happy. But we have seen a lot of improvement with our investigators this week as […]

Singin’ in the Rain

This week was pretty legit. We had a good amount of success, I could definitely feel the Lord answering all of your prayers. Thank you so much for them. It rained like crazy last week, but it was super on and off rain, and carrying my rain gear around everywhere is super inconvenient. On like […]

300 Days out

So we went to the temple today. Super fun, and then we got to do sealings after and THAT is an experience in Chinese. I had to read all of the english names for the guy who spoke so fast I could barely tell it was Chinese…. But I got to practice my spanish, cause […]

So General Conference was, again, AMAZING. I really wish finding time would go by as fast as conference did. I went in with a question, “How do I best get the smile of God’s approval?” And it was answered in the most straightforward way I could even imagine. President Monson just said, ” Courage, not […]

Having some success- finally!

So last week was sooooo good, had a bunch more success than I have ever had on my mission so far…. Recently I have had the strong prompting a couple of times that I need to use the Book Of Mormon in finding more, so that’s what we did. And we saw soooo much success […]