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So General Conference was, again, AMAZING. I really wish finding time would go by as fast as conference did. I went in with a question, “How do I best get the smile of God’s approval?” And it was answered in the most straightforward way I could even imagine. President Monson just said, ” Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God’s approval” and then he told us about what courage is and how to get it. Absolutely phenomenal talk.
So last week I got to give a blessing to an old woman in our ward with stage 4 cancer, so she is going to die soon, and I had to do it in Chinese…. Giving that kind of a blessing in the first place is really hard, let alone doing it in Chinese!!! Speaking of Chinese, I finished reading the Book Of Mormon in characters last week!!! President has a goal of everyone doing that before they go home. Got it before the year mark, whats up.
It got bloody hot here last week, only like high 70s but that felt sooo hot. My arms got sunburned so I have a freaking sick tan line for my watch. comparable to my sock tan line before my mission. Which is totally gone now….. my legs are sooooo white and my chest is dang pasty too. And before the year mark too….. I’m in trouble.
Concerning investigators here…. well we don’t really have any. At least, any that are progressing at all, I have met with 2 since I got here. Everyone just cancels cause they are sooo busy. So we just go find all day, which has been really productive. Given out 16 copies of the Book of Mormon in the past 2 weeks!! We are seeing so much success from that, but none of them have like any time to meet at all. Seems to be a reoccurring problem here in Taibei…
I am taking my Aunt Lana’s advice with my reading of the Old Testament. She basically called me to repentance. THAT hasn’t happened in a while, normally I’m on the other side…. but I just started reading Psalms and it is sooo good!! Like one of my favorite books so far. Can’t wait to get to the Songs of Solomon though…… Hahahaha I can just imagine him up in the Spirit world like, “how did they find that stuff?? Nobody was supposed to see that….” ANyways.. one cool thing about the Bible so far is that I have found the word unicorn in there 4 times.
Haha so we were teaching one of our Recent Convert’s about tithing and he asked how to pay it, and I have no clue…… I just barely learned how to pay fast offerings….. our member that was there was like ” isn’t the same in america??” well ya, but i just did it online. Just barely learned about the fast offering envelopes…..
That’s about it for the week. Thank you all for your prayers, they help sooo much!!!!! We got a member of the Quorum of the 70 doing a mission tour this week, so it should be fun!!
Elder Mansell

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