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300 Days out

So we went to the temple today. Super fun, and then we got to do sealings after and THAT is an experience in Chinese. I had to read all of the english names for the guy who spoke so fast I could barely tell it was Chinese…. But I got to practice my spanish, cause there were a ton of spanish names. Oh my gosh. I read this one guy’s name that was literally over 8 names long. The whole room was just busting up laughing by the time I was done.
But we had a member of the Quorum of the 70 come last week, that was really cool. He shared about the Book Of Mormon and had some really good insights. Just wasn’t quite like Elder Holland, but still pretty cool. We did a skit at the end ‘advertising’ 1 Nephi 2-5 in our districts and performed it in front of every one. Ours was dang funny, I was Nephi (obviously)  and we had a whole Mulan theme going on. Like at the point when the angel appears to Laman and Lemuel, in our skit the angel says, ” BEHOLD, I am the great stone dragon.” And everyone just lost it, sooo funny. Might have been a little sac-religious… and a 70 was there… but it was worth it.     If you don’t get that quote…. shame on you.
Ya so I didn’t even know that Easter was on Sunday, they didn’t do anything for it at Church. I only found out that night when we went contacting and someone told me that today was Easter. And the translation for Easter in Chinese is interesting….. Resurrection Day. I heard that and I was like, “HUH????” And then I put 2 and 2 together and figured out it was easter. Gotta love Chinese.
OH and last week during our Mormon.org time I was just looking at the bar on the right that suggests random people’s profile to go look at, and I thought I saw a familiar face on there, so I clicked on it and it was PAWPOP’s profile!! In Chinese you would call that yuan fen.

We just got a new Ward Mission Leader, the old one was a white guy that served here and then came back and married a Taiwanese woman. We call those people “Larry’s” but he was always busy and never met with us. But our new one is sooooo legit!! He just got back from the Taizhong mission a year ago and was one of the Assistants there, so he knows how to do missionary work. In our meeting this week he told us he wants us to get 30 lessons a week (when we get about 10) and to know 30 members, their full names, their work, and when they can help us teach lessons. Gave us 2 weeks. So we are going to WHIP this place into shape.

We ran into a guy a couple days ago that thought that Jesus was an alien…. I honestly just sat there with my mouth open, not even having a CLUE where to go with the conversation after that. Like, WHAT do you want me to say to that?? I just love contacting cause you never know what you’re going to get out here. A lot of times I just have to turn away, or put a BOM in front of my face cause I am just laughing so hard. I literally heard a guy, in the same sentence, say that all churches are the same, but they are all different. I am constantly amazed. Every time you think you’ve heard it all…
But ya that is about it for the week. We need a lot of prayers…  its getting pretty bad here. Conner Black, we need an extra dose of prayers over here. Yours seem to work more than anyone’s. Haha love you all!!! P.S. I hit day 300 this week! Crazy!!
Elder Mansell

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