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Having some success- finally!

So last week was sooooo good, had a bunch more success than I have ever had on my mission so far…. Recently I have had the strong prompting a couple of times that I need to use the Book Of Mormon in finding more, so that’s what we did. And we saw soooo much success with it. I had stopped cause the mission ran out of copies a couple months ago…. so the past 2 transfers we only gave out like 5 copies total. Really bad. But this past week, we gave out 8!!! Literally every singe person we could get to stop and talk to us took a Book Of Mormon. So we only got 8 people to stop and talk to us…… but we got 100% so that’s the only number I care about.
So this area is a lot richer than I even thought last week. We have a Porche, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Bentley and Lamborghini dealerships. And just tons of Ferrari’s. There is one road I really like contacting on just cause it has a ton of nice cars driving all the time.  I went on exchanges with the Zone leaders a couple days ago and he told me that this area was just in decline for a long time, and then it popped back up last week. Right as I came in…… weird coincidence……. Just kidding, the Lord must have just felt the need to bless this area.
But this week I really had my testimony strengthened that the Lord really does love every singe person on this planet. Sometimes especially his missionaries. For example, we were contacting and had given away all of our Books Of Mormon and went home to get some more. We were at a stoplight and I was just tempted to not talk to the guy next to me, but he was old so I just practiced my Taiwanese with him. It is so funny when they see this big (190 cm. Don’t know what that is in feet, and 165 pound) American that they want nothing to do with, and then BOOM he starts speaking Taiwanese to you. But the lady on the back of his motorcycle was like,” Are you guys Mormons? I am a member in Hualian (the beautiful east coast) here take this cake” So she just gave this super amazing expensive cake to 2 people she didn’t even know at all, and just absolutely made my week. Couldn’t love the members here more. But there was one member who came up to me  the first day I got here, so he was the first member I saw and he was like, ” OH look at his little baby face, thats so cute!!!” Are. You . Kidding. Me.
We also had a lot of success after English Class this week as well. We met with 2 people who showed up for the first time, and we both worked with a member so we could do both at once. And the guy I was with was… interesting. Prayer is the absolutely hardest thing to explain to Taiwanese people. It doesn’t matter HOW simple I explain it, or HOW many parables I try and give, or HOW many times I try to explain it, they just don’t get it. They just read the dang pamphlet we give them.  This is how they pray, ” Dear heavenly Father, thank thee, ask thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” Drives me nuts.
So I figured out that my English has gotten terrible. A Taiwanese missionary was reading this book about how to learn English, and he asked me ,” What is a past participle?” HUH? I have absolutely no clue what that is.
Haha so my companion has said some pretty funny things this past week. We have these reflectors that we have to wear at night when we are riding bikes, and he forgot to take his off for a lesson. and the guy asked him why he still had that thing on. ” It’s a lot healthier for me.” I just face-palmed. “Elder, do you know what you just said? It’s safer, not healthier…..” Haha I was laughing so hard, and last night he was talking to a member about having to get some wood for a little project I am doing in the apartment, and the member was like why? ” It’s for our health.” “Ok, Elder just give me the phone…” Haha but he really is great, strong testimony.
That’s about it for this week, I appreciate your prayers, they help so much!!!!
Elder Mansell
Photos:  Found a park one night- playing on the kiddie toys!
Rain gear is serious business in Taiwan.
IMG_0513 IMG_0520

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