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Moving to Neihu

So move calls came this week, aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd I’m out of Ankang. I was kind of glad to get that call, but still a little sad. But I knew I was going to move, cause I talked to president again and we were trying to figure out the cause of my rash, and we came to the conclusion that it was the water coming to Ankang, so I knew that was the killer. We built that area up well. My last night I called a bunch of members to tell them I was moving and got like 4 people to feed us for like 2 meals. And I visited Zhang dx my recent convert as well, and he is the one reason I was sad about leaving Ankang. Their house has the most amazing spirit about it, and I literally was crying when I had to leave. They gave me a really cute card and some presents. Oh MAN am I going to miss them.


But I moved to the beautiful city of NEIHU, it is in North Taibei, and one of the richest areas in all of Taiwan. It is soooooo nice. Holy cow.

There are 2 best parts about here.

1. There is another Costco in our area!!! The mission has 4 and I have been in the area of 2 of them.

2. possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, I have my own PERSONAL BATHROOM. Our apartment used to have 4 elders in it, so its huge with 2 bathrooms. I have reached the Celestial Kingdom, and kept on going upwards, cause there is no way it could be this good.
My new companion is Elder C. from Syracuse, UT. We came on island the same time, so we are a Co-senior companionship. He is a very humble, obedient, hard working really good missionary. We are are doing really good so far. Not a lot of investigators, so we find a lot. But we did find a really golden guy my first day here that the sisters gave to us. We shared the first lesson and set at Baptismal Date with him, really good, and we have these baptismal planners that we use, it basically just goes over the lessons and one of the things said,”keep the commandments of God.” And he asked us what they were… so we talked about every single commandment with him and he has ZERO problems. I’m convinced he isn’t actually Taiwanese. Cause he doesn’t have any word of wisdom problems!  And our ward is awesome.  We did a training in the 3rd hour combined thing and I had like 20 minutes to prepare something on Home teaching and befriending our investigators. It was pretty good for basically winging it.
Thats about it, we’ve got a busy week this week. Hoping to see some success, thank you all for your prayers!!! Love you!

Elder Mansell


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