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Nobody is home

This week was soo good, best numbers week since I got here. When numbers are going good. everything is going good. If they aren’t, we got our District leader on our butts every day of the week. So I am happy. But we have seen a lot of improvement with our investigators this week as well. But none of them want to set Baptismal Dates!! We haven’t had one in like 3 weeks…. we went tracting a lot this week. Which is ALWAYS an interesting experience. Every one always says, ” Oh nobody is home” and I am just like, ” Well are you home?” and then they studder for a second and then hang up the phone. Haha but there was one guy who is like 70 years old and super fat, comes out side with no shirt on and just said, “I’m busy.” I was just like, “oh you look real busy.” He just smiled at went inside. It was gross.
So the buses here are evil. Like straight up evil. They cut us off sooo bad every single day. I swear they aim for us. Sooooo to get rid of that problem, i bought this horn that is louder than the buses and freaks the crap out of them cause they think I am a car, and then they get out of my way. Hahahahaha missionaries: 1 buses:0
Oh and those pants you sent me are too small. They don’t fit around my legs cause I am HUGE now. They were literally like almost cutting off my circulation. So I am just going to buy some new ones. Pushing 170 pounds now. But thats about it for the week. Training calls came last week, and the assistants just call everyone that is training, and they called me so I was freaking out that I was going to train… but it was just to get the schedule for the fireside. I was soooo mad. Move calls are in 2 days, but I don’t think we are going to get it. We’ll see. Love you all!!!
Elder Mansell

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