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Singin’ in the Rain

This week was pretty legit. We had a good amount of success, I could definitely feel the Lord answering all of your prayers. Thank you so much for them.
It rained like crazy last week, but it was super on and off rain, and carrying my rain gear around everywhere is super inconvenient. On like Friday we left and it was pretty cloudy and I had the feeling to grab my rain gear, but I just ignored it and left. Well….. it rained. It took until dinner time, but oh my heavens did it pour. I ain’t never seen rain like that before, it started at about 4:30 and dinner starts at 5 so we just found shelter real quick and started making calls until 5 hoping that it would slow down. It didn’t. Only got harder. And it was about a 10 minute bike ride home, so I got my food, and while my companion is laughing the whole time, got on my bike and rode as fast as possible home. I was 100% wet in about 5 seconds. You think I’m kidding, but it was crazy. The looks I got on the street were absolutely priceless. I just decided to make it fun, so I was singing the whole way home, and people are just looking at me, like, ” What in the world is this idiot white guy doing with no rain gear on, and he’s smiling and happy??” It was soo fun. Definitely won’t forget that one. I got a picture at the bottom.

Singin' in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain

So recently we have just been riding our bikes sooooooooo much, like my butt hurts too much to even sit on the seat, so I just stand the whole time. And I had to get new soles in my shoes from walking too much….. But it’s still way fun. The pain doesn’t even compare to the smile coming down from Heaven.
Haha so we were contacting at this park a couple of days ago and this guy was walking behind us, and he got within 20 feet of us and then started running until he got about 50 feet in front of us and started walking again. I didn’t have a chance to talk to him. So I ran up to him and started talking, then he started running again, but I still didn’t get to say much. So I started running next to him. Then he got real mad and turned around and started running the other way, and I still didn’t get to really say much, so I followed him. And then he started to get really mad…. so I just gave him an English tract and walked off. I might have been in the wrong on this one….. but the days can get a little long…..
Oh ya, I got my helmet and sunglasses stolen from my bike last night…. and they were about 100 bucks… a little annoying, so when my balance starts going down, you will know why….
We started calling all of our investigators at night and reading the Book of Mormon with them, cause they don’t really ever do it, or have time to meet with us…. Cause this is Neihu, every one is busy. But they are fine with us calling them, and we have really seen a difference with their progress. We only have 2 people to call every night…. and one of them is 9….. But they are progressing!!! And we met with the Stake President this week. He lives in our ward, and I was calling members to set up and meet with them and I set this guy up and I asked my companion who it was, and he said it was the Stake President….. But he told us about a guy that comes to church every week with his daughter that is a member, and my companion thought he lived  in the sisters area. But he lives in ours!!! So we are going to start meeting with him, that makes 2 investigators that could get baptized this saturday if they wanted to…. SO CLOSE to blowing this place up. We’ll get there.
Thats about it for this week, thank you all again for the prayers. They get answered right when we need them to. Please pray for my butt. haha jk.
Elder Mansell

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