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So this was a bu ke si yi week!!!! That means incredible. Cause we did see a lot of miracles, even though it rained..and rained….. and rained…. until Saturday. And by that time the Lord had a lot of prayers to answer… and He Did!!! We had 7 lessons and 4 investigators in one day. Those are average numbers for a whole week. It was sooo great.
But we also had 2 cool things happen. One of them is the greatest thing about Taiwan ever, is that they DELIVER MCDONALDS. For like a buck. It was the greatest day ever when I saw that guy on our doorstep with Mcdonalds. And there was a big earthquake. We were in personal study when the walls just started to shake and all my books fell down, it was legit. First time I have ever felt an earthquake before.
So that guy that I talked about last week that baptized himself every time he goes to the ocean, said that the spirit told him to meet with us and show us all of these scriptures about how the Book of Mormon is false. And this topic is right up my alley of Bible knowledge. He brought out Revelations where it says you can’t add anything to this book, then I pulled out Deuteronomy 4 where it says the same thing, so that was only talking about the Book of Revelations. Then I tried Ezekiel 37 with the 2 sticks, the Book of Mormon and the Bible. But his response proved something that I never really understood before. Joseph Smith said that it was impossible to prove anything from the Bible cause everyone has their own ideas and translations, but it never really made sense to me until I heard this guy explain Ezekiel 37. He just went OFF about that scripture and then told me that Satan was tempting me cause I was using scriptures to prove our point when he was doing the same thing….We aren’t meeting with him anymore….
We also came across a guy from mainland China yesterday and taught him the Restoration. But spent 20 minutes talking about God. Cause he had NO clue who God was, why we have a God, or even who Jesus Christ is. He has only heard about Jesus Christ cause Jeremy Lin is Christian. And his accent is insanely hard to understand. But it was incredible talking to this guy who had absolutely no clue what to think about God. It was actually a little sad.
But something even more sad happened this week, maybe you guys have heard about it. But there was a guy that went crazy on one of the MRT lines and just started stabbing people. In 2 minutes he killed 4 people and critically wounded 20. That has changed everything about this country in the past week. That was the first terrorist act I have ever heard of here. And the scary part is that it is just too easy, those MRT lines are sooo packed with people with little security. Really scary thing, cause in my first area we would take that line at about the same time to go to English class. Crazy.
That is about it for this week, it is getting HOT. HOLY CRAP ITS HOT,and its only getting hotter. Like I was sweating almost instantly after getting out of the shower. I have to take a fan into the bathroom with me cause you will be dripping with sweat after less than 3 minutes in there. But it makes things a lot funner. Love you all!!!
Elder Mansell

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