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Mother’s Day

So I kinda already talked to you guys today, so this email is for all the other people who just happen to read my emails…. which I hope is a lot… But I got a new companion this transfer, which makes 6 companions in 7 transfers. I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean, if its really good or really bad. I’m going to take the cup half full route and say its a good thing.
But my companion is Elder C, and he’s Canadian, eh? Ok that joke got old, but his accent isn’t really bad.  He does say the word “bag” really weird, its like a mix of bag and beg, or like he’s trying to say the word bagel with out the L. The first time he said it, I was like, “Huh?? Do you mean bag??’ But he is a really cool, super obedient missionary.  I think we will get along well.
Recently we made our area’s “prayer board” with things that our area is lacking in. Mainly baptismal dates, finding people that will have time to meet with us, working well with the ward, and stuff like that. We mention those things in every single prayer we offer, companionship or personal. And it is bringing miracles. We have already set a couple baptismal dates on the streets. And apparently we are the only mission that I have heard of that does lessons and Baptism Dates on the street, like not even the other Taiwan mission does it. But I think its really fun, a little weird saying prayers and stuff with people on the street, but you get used to do doing a lot of weird things on a mission.
Speaking of weird things, well weird people we have come across this week, there was this one guy who thinks that Jesus is swindling us (I think that is the english translation) and that we are stupid for being out here. One guy, when we asked him what he feels like when he makes a mistake, said that he was perfect and that people that make mistakes should go commit suicide…. I just love finding and coming across people like this, makes the days fun.
And it is starting to get hot here, sooo hot. And rain like every single day, so the humidity is at lowest like 110%!
But ya that is about it for the week, seeing some miracles. Thank you all for the prayers!!!
Elder Mansell

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