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Miracles in the Blasting Heat

So first of all I have a temple day coming up in a couple of weeks so don’t go calling the police when I don’t email you. Maybe 2 weeks, I can’t remember. But this week was really cool, we saw a lot of miracles amidst the blasting heat. My Canadian companion cannot take it […]

Half-way done

So last week we finally got working!!! Hit the streets and found a ton of miracles. Had more lessons last week than I have had my entire mission, we got 20. That is the golden standard for the mission and I finally hit it…. I have had some rough areas. But it is so weird […]

Calls… calls…and more calls…

So this week was full of calls… and calls… and more calls… my companions foot didn’t get any better, and he got a nasty cold. So we have been inside all week. And I got a feeling that I haven’t gotten in almost a year, the lazy tired. Like the tired feeling after a day […]

Burfday Wishes

So thank you all for the birthday wishes, it totally made my day!!!  Shoutout to Jared and Steve for their especially touching comments… Thanks. But I was expecting yesterday to be different, but I woke up at the same time…. ate the same food….. and did the same things…. it was a little depressing, but […]

Do my subjects even make it to the blog?

So its hot. But I actually just love the humidity now. Just have embraced it.  My favorite part is walking out of a building or our apartment and hitting that wall of syrupy air. Greatest feeling ever. But summer means more bugs, but I thought of a genius way to solve that problem. I have […]