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Do my subjects even make it to the blog?

So its hot. But I actually just love the humidity now. Just have embraced it.  My favorite part is walking out of a building or our apartment and hitting that wall of syrupy air. Greatest feeling ever. But summer means more bugs, but I thought of a genius way to solve that problem. I have a bug zapper that gets mosquitoes and small bugs, but won’t kill the big daddy cockroaches, only stuns them. SO what I do is trap them under the zapper and stun them, at the same time get my amazing laser pen, which if you didn’t already know is illegal in the US cause of how powerful it is, and burn the little suckers while they are getting stunned. The flying ones, they get wicked once they fly.  I almost want to let one live so he could go tell his friends. Welcome to the 21st century baby. Cockroaches 0 Me 1.
But we did spend a lot of time in the apartment this week cause me companion got surgery on his ingrown toenail and couldn’t walk on it for 2 days. It was a nasty surgery, I am super glad I didn’t have to have it when I had an ingrown toenail. So gross.
All of the little kids here are super funny, they literally treat us like zoo animals. Like we walk by and they just stare at us like I’m some alien from another planet, or they go like, “whoa mom, is that a white guy?” not knowing that we speak Chinese. The parents, who know full well that we understood that, are always super embarrassed and are just like, “sorry, sorry” Its really funny. But there was a guy this week that we talked to that said that most people won’t understand our Chinese. And in my head, I was like, ” Um EXCUSE ME? Why don’t you go talk to the 500 people that have said our Chinese is amazing.” not gonna lie, my pride was a little hurt after that one. He was the first one that ever said anything bad about our language. Even if they can barely understand you, most people just say its really good anyways.
But that is about it for the week, we keep on seeing miracles here. Almost every part on my bike has broken, so that is why I have been spending a lot of money….. Love you all!!
Elder Mansell
It is super weird that im about to be 19. And halfway done. I feel like I STILL don’t have any clue what I’m doing and just got off the plane yesterday. Haha not really but it is a little sad too

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