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Burfday Wishes

So thank you all for the birthday wishes, it totally made my day!!!  Shoutout to Jared and Steve for their especially touching comments… Thanks. But I was expecting yesterday to be different, but I woke up at the same time…. ate the same food….. and did the same things…. it was a little depressing, but the poster made up for it!!! When I got the package and saw it was a tube, I was like, what in the world…… but when I opened it it made sense. SO AWESOME!!! Holy cow it was amazing!  That has to be one of the greatest things ever made, just cause of how much ME is on there!!! Hahaha

So this week was interesting… on Thursday, my companion did the one crazy thing he has ever done in his life and jumped over a bush to get to his bike, but slipped and fell and sprained his ankle. We went straight to the hospital across the street and it was the funniest thing, you know how you are supposed to get ice on it as soon as possible, and I told him that again, and again, and again, but didn’t listen. And the doctors looked at his foot, which looked like it had a baseball under the skin, and they were like, ” Is this where it hurts?” and like jabbed his foot. 3 different doctors did the same thing, I was almost on the ground laughing by the end it was soooo funny. But they said to rest it for a week, but he just didn’t really listen and started working like nothing happened. I kept on telling him to put ice on it, at least 20 times and he didn’t listen until BAM, he wakes up yesterday and his entire foot ballooned up to twice the size it should have been. But hey, don’t listen to me…
So we didn’t do too much last week… we have found a good amount of investigators that have some potential. One who I ask you guys to especially pray for, he is a high school student that wants to get baptized but his dad won’t let him. As most Taiwanese dads do, so please pray to soften his dads heart. Thank you!!
Not really any funny stories to report this week… thank you all again for the birthday wishes!!!
Elder Mansell
birthday banner

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