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Calls… calls…and more calls…

So this week was full of calls… and calls… and more calls… my companions foot didn’t get any better, and he got a nasty cold. So we have been inside all week. And I got a feeling that I haven’t gotten in almost a year, the lazy tired. Like the tired feeling after a day of doing absolutely nothing… and I hate it more than anything. But we did see a huge miracle this week from it. We were making calls to former investigators and found this family that had a son who got baptized and went on a mission, and the parents never joined the church, so we gave them a call. Only the dad was home, his wife was in China for a couple of months, and on the record the dad looked like he wanted nothing to do with the church. But we set up, and went and visited with him. And he is someone that has been shaped by the hand of the Lord. Made a total 180 degree switch, we sat down and started talking for a few minutes. Then he just started to cry, started to bawl. His sister had just died a couple months ago and his wife is gone, and his son lives in America. He feels completely alone and he says that his faith is gone. It was the first time I have ever had an investigator cry in a lesson, and the Spirit in there was incredible. We shared about Eternal Families and invited him to come to Church. He had just retired a couple weeks earlier and now had time to meet. He told us yesterday that his son had called him a week before we did and told him to go to church now that he has time to. He came to church and it was awesome, everyone remembered his son and was super great to him. Greatest miracle of the week.
But then there are the just plain weird things of the week. At English class there was a guy that walked in and he had a pet squirrel. But that isn’t even the weirdest thing, it was hooked up to a string on the guys backpack and was running all over this guys body, on his shoulders and his head, and the dude isn’t even phased!!! It was the strangest thing I have ever seen, then he kissed the dang thing. Come ON.
So because my companion can’t really walk too well and we live on the 4th floor of our apartment complex, I had the privilege of carrying a 165 pound man on my back up and down 4 flights of stairs. My legs still hurt.
So a couple of weeks ago we went to Costco, and found the greatest thing ever. Krusteez pancakes, chocloate chips and maple syrup. So I have real, authentic pancakes every morning for breakfast. Really sweet tender mercy.
So in my study of the Book of Mormon recently, I found a really cool thing that never clicked before. In Mosiah 27:21 Alma is rejoicing that the Angel struck down his son, and what he says is super interesting. He says that he rejoices for what the Lord did FOR his son. Not for what the Lord did TO his son. If we look at this situation without an eternal perspective, then we would focus on what the Lord did TO his son. But if we take a step back, look at this situation from a different perspective, an eternal one, we see what the Lord is doing FOR Alma the younger. We see just how much the experience will change him for eternity, then it doesn’t make getting struck down look that bad in the eternal scheme of things.
That is about it for the week, pray for my companion he is struggling physically recently. Love you all!!!
Elder Mansell

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