Half-way done

So last week we finally got working!!! Hit the streets and found a ton of miracles. Had more lessons last week than I have had my entire mission, we got 20. That is the golden standard for the mission and I finally hit it…. I have had some rough areas. But it is so weird to think that I had been out for a year now!! Holy cow… I still don’t even know what I am doing… hahaha. But that guy I talked about last week, Brother W is doing really well. He has been the miracle for the past couple weeks. We had a date for him on July 5 but he is going to China for a couple days and can’t meet this week so we extended it to the 12th. He says he is really prepared for baptism, would do it tomorrow, but is a little nervous about messing up after baptism. I feel like he will make it though. please keep him in your prayers.
I am just having some da-javu about a year ago, I was packing up to go to the MTC, getting everything ready… seemed like yesterday. I just got off the plane and its already been a year. When I first got here I couldn’t eat a whole plate of food, partly cause the MTC freaking messed up my stomach, and it just looked gross, but now I gotta get 2 of them. I have gained 30 pounds since this time last year…. didn’t think that was possible in Asia but it happened…. And Chinese. Oh man was it bad in the MTC, I thought it would never come. Everyone told me that the language would come and don’t worry about it but I thought i was the exception. And it came, seen soo many miracles in the past year its crazy. Come to realize the power of prayer and the enabling power of the Atonement so much more than just a regular year back at home. Nothing could stimulate so much growth in such a short time. And it has been such a fun year, with so many ups and downs but some of the greatest times of my life, some of the funniest. Tears of happiness and some tears of sorrow. But there is a saying,” the Lord has given me honey and vinegar. But he gave me the honey with a ladle and the vinegar with a spoon.”
So you won’t get pictures for the next couple of weeks partly cause I got my haircut last week. And I’m not sure if “not too short  on the sides” sounds like “SHAVE THE WHOLE THING OFF” in Chinese. It’s bad. Reminds me of that buzz cut I got for lake powell like 10 years ago.
But there isn’t too much else for this week, hopefully some of our new investigators go through. Move calls came last week and we didn’t get it. Didn’t think we would, 6 more weeks in Neihu lets gooooo!!!
Elder Mansell

2 comments on “Half-way done

  1. Elder Mansell,

    Enjoy your emails – though I reply to very few of them, I read them all word-for-word, and find in them inspiration and courage!

    Love you, Elder!!!!!


    On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 11:41 PM, Elder Justin Mansell – Taiwan, Taipei Missi

  2. Hi, Elder Mansell, My son is coming to serve in Taipei soon. We have been reading your blog and thank you for your wonderful posts. I hope he can meet you.

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